Perfect Eyebrows Face Shape DIY Tips and Tricks

Perfect Eyebrows

Perfect eyebrows face shape play an important role to capture the eyes and heart of the person who loves to see your face. If your eyebrows is not as perfect as it should and it is not groomed then you cannot create the image you were looking for.

No matter how perfectly your blend your makeup or shades on your lids. You have to pay attention on your eyebrows and then it will actually help you get a prefect look.

Perfect Eyebrows

Perfect Eyebrows Face Shape

1 – We will start with simple home remedies. Nothing work more better than castor oil for your eye brows. Take a mascara brush and dip it in castor oil and apply over your eyebrows couple of times before bed time. It will make your eyebrows get thicker naturally and will help you get better looks. You may also like

2 – Take a light shade of brown eye pencil and line wing from the outer corner or your eye till the outer tip of your eyebrow and. Take slightly shiny shade of nude shade and rub it. It will not only highlight the shape of your eyes brows, but it will help you get perfect eyebrows face shape.

Perfect Eyebrows

3 – Take some warm oil, you can try using a mixture of olive oil, almond oil and castor oil. Rub over your castor oil every night and it will actually help you get better hair growth over your eyebrows. It will help you get better skin as well as shiny eye brows.

4 – Measure Your Eyebrows: – Measure your eyebrows. Take three points, starting, arch and the end point. The starting point should be parallel to the nasal point. The starting point and the end point should come to the same line. The end point go straight to nasal point too.

Perfect Eyebrows

5 – If it does not compliment your looks then you don’t really have to stick with that. No matter which color you were born with. You can always bleach it and then color a shade that look good on your looks. The cutest thing is, it helps to grow faster so you don’t really need to keep touching it up time to time. You can enjoy the shade for a month or so.

6 – Try to keep perfect eyebrows face shape, but not too dramatic. Keep on natural looks and try not to make it look too thin or thick. It will actually help you get into better shape. If you are fixing the look by yourself then it is always better to be super careful, take a darker eye pencil and draw a perfect eyebrows over your eyebrows. Fill it and then take a thin tip tweezers and pull all the excessive hair you see around your eyebrows.

Perfect Eyebrows

7 – Always fill your eyebrows and follow all the steps to do that. First of all, take a comb and comb your hair and then take a mascara brush. Fix your hair and if you have stubborn hair then use transparent mascara. It will keep your hair in place.

8 – Fill your eyebrows with eye shadow to get batter looks but if you have a thin or weak starting point then you can use eye pencil. Apply some strokes like thick hair and blend it well with angle or any brush you like. Keep the end super strong and use light shade there. Because normally we don’t get the perfect look naturally and when we apply too much shade there, we make it too thick and artificial. You may also like Eyebrows

9 – Normally we have to crate the sharp arch. If you are not happy with the arch of your eyebrows then you can actually create it. Take some light shade highlighter and apply right underneath the arch and blend well. It will sharpen the arch well. If you apply some shade right over the arch then it will pull it upward a bit too.

10 – Take a dark eyebrows pencil and apply the right shape on your eyebrows. Fill it with herbal Kajal everyday for more then 2-3 hours. You can do that even if you are going out. It doesn’t really have to be too dark.

Perfect Eyebrows

You just need to fill the gap with it and it will help you get better hair growth in the right shape since herbal Kajal contain all healthy oils and miners you need. You cannot only increase the hair growth, but it will also actually help you get better shape and it will dye your skin too and will make your eye brows look thicker.