Gorgeous Gift Ideas for Fashionistas for Under $100

Gorgeous Gift Ideas for Fashionistas

Gift giving is a wonderful way to show someone you care, especially when it comes to a lady in your life that you truly love and care about. If she is interested in fashion, choosing the right present shouldn’t be too hard and there is no need for your present to cost a fortune, as there are plenty of fashion finds under $100 that will delight any woman no matter her taste. No matter the occasion you’re shopping for, be it a birthday, anniversary, or another celebration, in this article we will help you find the right present that is sure to be to the liking of a fashionista.


Every woman needs a trusty scarf in her collection that she can throw over her shoulders when she is running late but still needs to stay warm and look fashionable. A budget of $100 is more than enough for a high-quality accessory made of wool, cotton, or even a hand-knit cashmere, if you find a good deal. Scarves come in lots of colors, patterns, and knits, so these versatile pieces are a breeze to shop for. A scarf made of fine fabrics, in a neutral shade, will make a present that the woman can enjoy for many years to come.

Vintage Magazines

Many fashionistas have the passion of collecting vintage magazines like the old editions of Vogue, Esquire, Cosmopolitan, and Elle, so finding one for her can make a beautiful present. Even if you’re not interested in fashion, it’s impossible to deny the distinctive vibe that these old photo shoots have and how exciting it is to read the magazine these days. A great idea would also be to try and find a copy of a magazine that was sold the month she was born, so that this present will be a truly unique and thoughtful one.


When it comes to affordable presents that look expensive, bags are the perfect example that you don’t need to break the bank to have an accessory that looks high-end. The key to choosing the perfect purse is to pay attention to the fabric that it is made of. Scottish tweed bags have been a particularly popular choice for the autumn season, due to their gorgeous color palette and the sturdy tweed fabric. Such a handbag is a must for those days when you want to make your outfit stand out of the crowd without it being too extravagant. You can get a Scottish bag, as well as many other Scottish gifts in online stores such as this one where you can find them at an affordable price and amazing quality.

Cosmetic Bag

Speaking of bags, a high-quality cosmetic bag is something that every fashionista needs, but often skips on. Since these bags are much less expensive than a regular purse, you can find lots of great options made of leather, organic cotton, or excellent synthetic fabrics that will keep all makeup products, accessories, and other small items neatly stored away. This present is the right fit for someone who enjoys staying organized at all times.