The 10 most beautiful blonde actresses in Hollywood

blonde actresses

Hollywood has given us great actresses. But many of them will not only be remembered for their talent or for the great roles they have played, but also for their incredible beauty. Here we introduce you to the 10 most beautiful blondes actresses in Hollywood.

The 10 most beautiful blonde actresses in Hollywood

1 – Nicole Kidmanblonde actresses

Throughout her career, Nicole Kidman has been awarded an Oscar, three Golden Globe and a Bafta. But she is not only a very talented woman, but she is also the most beautiful on this list. In his roles, he has always perfectly converged his talent with an unequaled beauty, tenderness, and sensuality.

2 – Cameron Diazblonde actresses

Cameron Diaz maintains a successful acting career that has led her to be nominated for a Golden Globe four times. On the other hand, she is also one of the most attractive blondes in Hollywood.

3 – Scarlett Johanssonblonde actresses

Scarlett Johansson became known for her role in “The Man Whispering the Horses” by Robert Redford. Since that time he has not stopped impressing, especially his male fans.

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4 – Naomi Wattsblonde actresses

In the world of Hollywood, Naomi Watts became known for her role in Mulholland Drive. But many not only remember her great performance, but also her incredible beauty.

5 – Kirsten Dunstblonde actresses

Kirsten Dunst is remembered for her roles in the SpiderMan saga. But above all for his memorable role, where he shows his tenderness and beauty, in the remembered “Marie Antoinette” by Sofia Coppola.

6 – Reese Witherspoonblonde actresses

Reese Witherspoon is much more than that innocent and determined blonde who played the role of Elle Woods in “A very legal blonde.” She is a very sweet and beautiful woman, as well as quite talented.

7 – Gwyneth Paltrowblonde actresses

For his role in “Shakespeare in love,” Gwyneth Paltrow won an Oscar, a Golden Globe and an Actors Guild Award. But besides being an outstanding actress, she is also one of the most beautiful blondes in Hollywood.

8 – Jennifer Anistonblonde actresses

Jennifer Aniston is remembered above all for her participation in the Friends series and for being the former Brad Pitt. Despite her little fortune in love, she is still one of the prettiest blondes in Hollywood.

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9 – Michelle Pfeifferblonde actresses

Michelle Pfeiffer is the most veteran blonde on this list. Currently she is 53 years old, however, age has not affected her beauty.

10 – Charlize Theronblonde actresses

Many still do not explain how the beautiful Charlize Theron could change so much for the role she played in the remembered “Monster.” However, that role has earned him the only Oscar of his career.

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