Smokey Eye Makeup Tutorial For Blue and Brown Shades

Smokey Eye Makeup

Smokey Eye Tutorial is very famous now a day and there are millions of fashion and beauty lovers who apply this makeup tutorial. Having Smokey eyes, will surely make a woman more beautiful. Smoky eyes gives sharp vision to people.

This kind of makeup never gets old. Textbook usually displays images or video. The best way to choose which one to go with someone really good “eye is classified by the color of their eyes. This is different for people who have brown or blue, or black eyes.

Smokey Eye Makeup

Smokey Eye Tutorial for people who have blue eyes really easy. First choose the best color, usually blue-eyed people really well with gray, or slightly darker color.

Color will not be out of the shadow color eye. So it makes the eyes look real. Have eyeshadow first then do the foundation, so it will be easier to clean. The cleaning process takes a large part of the eye. Do not forget to curl your lashes in the end, so he finishes this process for Smokey Eyes for blue eyes.

Another option for Smokey Eye Tutorial for people who have brown eyes. Brown eyes can sometimes be classified as discouraged eyes. Tutorial for this kind of eyes easily.

Smokey Eye Makeup

First wash and clean your face. Then apply your foundation or concealer on your face. Best color for brown eyes is to use dark colors, such as brown, black or green. Brown eyes should be one that costs the most. Apply it gently to your eyes.

In Smokey Eyes for brown eyes that people really need, when they are ready to go to a party, or you need to look even more beautiful. It always ends the way you put your own process Smokey eyes with mascara.

Mascara is the one that makes the eyes really look good with brown eyes. Mascara never disappoints people because of its function. Summarizing, we always choose the best product and deliver to your eyes, and get the best Smokey Eye Tutorial.