Eye Makeup Tutorial For Blue Eyes And Brown Hair

Eye Makeup Tutorial For Blue Eyes And Brown Hair

You would not believe how magical look this eye makeup tutorial on blue eyes and the same look make brown eyes so especially that you would love o carry the look everyday. It was a beautiful bright shiny wedding and I bet you all would have enjoyed it big times.

You would be missing the weekend already, but that does not means you go out in plain looks since you applied nice look on weekend. This is the reason I brought a very simple, bright and beautiful look for all of you. Let’s rock Monday morning with this beautiful blue look!

You have to dye your eyebrows for this look. Bleach it and then dye it with light honey brown shade. It looks beautiful with blue eyes and brown blond hair. We will start with applying a primer all over the lid.

Eye Makeup Tutorial For Blue Eyes

Eye Makeup Tutorial For Blue Eyes And Brown Hair

Blend it well and give it some time to get absorbed in the skin. Meanwhile, we will groom the eyebrows with light brown shade. Blend it well. Now take nice pink peach shade which has some shimmer in it and apply over the crease and blend well but not too much. Don’t add too much shade! You may also like to read http://how2dream.com/top-10-gift-ideas-for-valentine-day-that-will-capture-her-heart/

For lovely and eye-capturing eye makeup tutorial, now take moonlight blue shimmer shade and apply over the lid and blend all over the lid. Let it go beyond the crease too. You need to take pure blue shade with flat brush and apply right over the lid. Use tabbing and tab the rich blue shade all over the lid.

Now take purple eye pencil and line your lower lash line with that, but keep it thin, neat and clean. Then take pure golden highlighter with blending brush and blow it off. We need very small shade and blend it over the brow bone.

Apply the same shade under the lower lash line. Apply a thick wing over the upper lash line with a black gel liner and apply black liner over the lower lash line too. Take light blue eye pencil and apply it over the water line and finish the look with black mascara.

I am not applying any highlighter on the inner corner but if you need to or want to brighten up your eyes then you can add some white highlighter on your inner corner of your eyes. Add some white gel liner under your lower lash line and it will help you brighten up your blue look.