How to keep your gadgets in good shape

All gadgets have their lifespan, and after the expiry of that date, anything can happen. For example, a computer has a lifespan of five years, while phones and tablets have about two to three years. However, it does not mean that a device will automatically die after the expiry of its life span. They could go longer depending on how well the owner takes care of it. Proper care could make a gadget last twice or three times its lifespan. If you are a tech expert, check out and try out freelancing path. So, to make your gadget last longer, you should do the following:

Take care of the power cables

A battery without a charger is useless, especially those that you need to charge frequently. Taking care of power cables ensures that they do not break or get damaged easily. Properly place the cables in areas where no one can trip on them. Also, use the right adaptor for their designated devices to avoid damaging the gadget or the user.

Care for the batteries

The life of your gadget depends on how strong the battery is. Ensuring that the battery is working properly will ensure that you use your gadget to the optimum. So, to care for your battery, you need to ensure that the charge is above half most of the time. Occasionally, drain the battery to 0%, then charge it to 100% before using it. It helps to recalibrate the battery. Avoid charging the battery overnight. You run the risk of damaging it, and in some cases, they explode. Also, keep the battery away from extreme temperatures.

Practice proper protection and storage

Since today most of the gadgets are portable, we tend to carry them everywhere we go. With portability comes the additional responsibility of safely storing them. As you carry your device, avoid banging it on hard surfaces. Some devices are designed to withstand shock but to a certain degree. Keep your device protected by using a quality case and a bag with thick padding. For tablets and phones, you should buy a screen protector and protective cases. Please do not put your laptop in an enclosed space while it is on. Also, avoid exposing your gadgets to extreme weather conditions.

Use Antivirus

Antivirus is essential in protecting both the software and the hardware parts of your device. A virus or malware will first attach the software configurations of the device, and with that, it could further affect the functioning of the hardware components. The common step is to buy antivirus and keep it updated regularly. Also, you can take an extra measure of scanning all the content you download from foreign external devices. In addition, restrict the insertion of foreign devices to your gadget without your authorization. Also, avoid clicking links that you are not familiar with.

Keep it clean

Dirt and moisture could block the ventilation vent of the gadget and cause it to overheat. Almost all devices have a cooling protocol in case of overheating. If the measure put in place to cool the device is interfered with, it might damage the device. A good practice is to avoid drinking or to eat close to your gadgets to avoid accidental spills. When cleaning, avoid directly spraying the liquid on the device. Instead, use a soft microfiber tug to clean the surfaces. Turn off the device in case of a spill, remove the battery and drain or clean the spilled substance.