Haircuts that most favor women with ‘diamond face’

Haircuts that most favor women with 'diamond face'

Haircuts that most favor women with ‘diamond face’. Each woman has a different face and because of this, not all women have the same haircut. The elongated faces fit the haircuts with volume, unlike the faces with a round shape. And to the diamond faces, what style of hair suits them? Finding the type of look that suits you is complicated, but it is not an impossible mission. That’s why, in Diario Femenino, we propose to discover the haircuts that most favor women with a diamond face. Is this your case?

How the diamond-shaped face?

The first thing you should discover is if your face has a diamond shape. To know what shape your face has, you should pick up your hair back, pick up an elongated instrument such as a pencil or a ruler and stand in front of the mirror.

Next, look closely at your face and use that object to measure approximately your dimensions and facial proportions at the height of the forehead, on the cheekbones and on the chin. Your face is thin at the top and bottom, but the cheekbones are wider? Does your face describe the shape of a diamond? If the answers are affirmative, you have a diamond-shaped face, also known as a rhomboid-shaped face.

If you find it difficult to see it in the reflection of your mirror, you can go drawing the shape of your face in a folio as you take the measurements. You can also measure your face with a photo in which you can see your face well and in which you appear completely in front.

Characteristics of diamond-faced womenHaircuts that most favor women with 'diamond face'

What does it mean to have a diamond-shaped face? What are the main characteristics, those in which you must fix when choosing a flattering haircut?

– It is characterized for being a face with a narrow forehead that widens gently in the area of the temples, straight in the cheeks, narrow also in the jaw and with a pronounced chin. It is a type of face that admits  many different haircuts since its features, although marked, are very proportionate.

– The diamond face is a mixture between the square and the oval. This is because the face tends to describe an oval but has very marked lines, which achieves a good balance on the face. In this way, it accepts haircuts for both types: both the square and the oval.

– It is considered one of the sexiest and most attractive faces that exist since its features are neither too aggressive nor too soft. In addition, its features convey great harmony.

– In general, this face can be formed as our age advances, because the oval fits the bone structure and results in this type of face.

Haircuts that favor the diamond face

1. Long hair with a lot of volumes

Haircuts that most favor women with 'diamond face'

If you like to wear your hair long, it cleans your tips and shows a long mane with volume. You will look great with your hair full of curls, but you must make sure that they are well cared for and that they look very natural. Otherwise, you will get an overloaded image of which you will end up getting tired very soon.

2. Half mane by the shouldersHaircuts that most favor women with 'diamond face'

You’ll look good with straight hair, but wavy hair favors you much more. Keep the ripples in the upper part of the face or at the height of the ears and, in this way, you will be able to balance the right angles of your face. If you want to highlight your cheekbones even more (one of the strengths of your face), give a few touches of light with dye or wicks at the height of the jaw.

3. If you want to wear your hair short

Haircuts that most favor women with 'diamond face'

If you prefer to keep your hair short, you should be careful when putting the scissors because the excessively short hair does not favor you too much, especially if the haircut does not respect the angular shape of your face. In case you want to leave your hair very short, you should play with the layers to achieve harmony between the temples and the chin area. Too much volume on the top of your head will make your chin look too sharp, which will inevitably harden your appearance.

Therefore, you can leave strands at the sides, to create in your hair a  delicate delicate volume, which will narrow your face. All the hair that falls on your face at the level of the cheekbones to the jaw will favor you a lot.

And when cutting your hair, keep in mind …

Beyond the shape or length with which you cut your hair, you must take into account the following elements for your hair.

 Make layers, but with a headHaircuts that most favor women with 'diamond face'

The layers are a success in your hair, but you must know when to stop. If you put too much hair on your hair you could end up breaking the harmony that characterizes your face. When we are not able to control the volumes in our heads, we run the risk of creating unflattering and exaggerated forms.

Therefore, tell your hairdresser or hairdresser that you are looking for a haircut that has layers, so that your hair has a little more movement and grace, but that these are as subtle as possible. Try that the strands fall from the ears to balance the angular shape of your cheekbones.

 The hair stripe that best suits youHaircuts that most favor women with 'diamond face'

Do you always doubt with the type of hair stripe that best suits you? It may seem like a silly detail in your hairdressing look but to achieve the perfect result you have to take into account all the details, no matter how small.

The slightly tilted stripe favors the rhomboid face a lot. This will allow you to take your hair as smooth as you want without having to worry about your marked features because the line on one side softens it by breaking verticality. In any case, avoid making the line too much to the side or you will not achieve your goal of tuning your face.

Do you want to wear bangs?Haircuts that most favor women with 'diamond face'

The fringe is appropriate for both long hair and short hair. And, in the case of having a diamond-shaped face, the bangs can help you harmonize your face. In general, women with this face shape are usually advised to leave long and sideways fringes. The line described by this lock of hair manages to break with the angularity of the face and softens the toughest features.

Therefore, if what you want is to enhance your features and look better than ever, avoid straight bangs. The only thing they will achieve is to add linearity to your face.

Accessories for women with rhomboid face

If you have a diamond-shaped face, earrings are your great allies. On the one hand, you will look great with all wide earrings or rounded shapes. These will bring a bit of curve to your face too angular. We are talking, for example, about rings or little pearls.

You will also like the hanging earrings, especially those that tend to widen at the bottom. These types of curves are the perfect complement for a too narrow chin. Although you can wear a turban or ribbon on your head in a timely manner, you will look better with a scarf or bow on your head whenever one of its ends falls on your shoulder.

On the other hand, your perfect glasses have a thick frame, especially at the top. Some people, for example, are very favored with the lenses that have the crystals only subject by the top part. Although in the choice of glasses it is also important to take into account the rest of the features such as the shape of the nose or the separation of the eyes, women with a rhomboid face usually prefer glasses with a printed frame.

And you, how do you wear your hair? These are the haircuts that most favor women with a diamond-shaped face. But, beyond what the theory says, you must find the style with which you best see yourself. In hairdressing, trends and especially personal tastes have a lot to say when choosing a haircut or another.