Easy braid hairstyles

braid hairstyles

The braid hairstyle is an all-time classic. They look good on adult women or girls alike.

The hairstyles with braids are a great resource to manage hair (either long or short), which never gets old. With hundreds of variations and proposals, there are straight, circular, twisted, sideways, gathered, cascading, combined with impellers, in groups, thick, sewn, herringbone, beautiful or, the one that is more fashionable now among the girls, the braid in the Elsa style, from the movie Frozen.

You can also start from the classic French braid and then create more elaborate shapes. On the Internet you can find endless ideas easy to carry out by yourself, to wear them on different occasions, from parties and events to sporting events, since they are very comfortable to wear.

Attractive, eye-catching, and always current, braid hairstyles are also great for creating common styles, for example, between mothers and daughters. Here are some outstanding proposals.

Hairstyle with braidsbraid hairstyles

In general, this type of hairstyles is used a lot for girls at school time. Whether you work with straight, wavy, or curly hair, there is always a way to solve a good braid, learning the correct way to treat each hair. In the options menu, there are basic hairstyles and others very elaborate. It is best to go acquiring training, starting with a simple braid hairstyle.

Before starting, a good tip to keep in mind is to take the same amount of hair in each strand that will be used to assemble the braid. Otherwise, you may end up being crooked or scruffy. Brush the hair thoroughly and, if it is curly or very voluminous, moisten it a little or use lacquer, to avoid that some hairs are loose.

Mermaid style braidbraid hairstyles

Arrange the hair, well brushed, in the place where you want the braid to be that, is, to one side or back (doing it to one side is more comfortable than the middle).

Divide the hair into two sections with the same amount of hair each and make two separate classic braids, trying to make them as similar as possible. They should be tight and neat. Tie them with a beautiful rubber band of the same hair color, so that they do not stand out.

Join the braids with bobby pins or hooks (always the same color as the hair), and connect the strands of the twists on the back, so that there is a single large braid. Arrange and adjust the twist and, if necessary, spray it with some fixative. As a final touch, you can place a large bow that covers the union of both parts towards the end of the braid.

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Hairstyle with braids and loose hair

Waterfall braidbraid hairstyles

Before starting, you have to know that for a better result you must have at least shoulder-length hair and that it must be perfectly detangled. Take a not very large strand of hair (2 fingers) from one side of the front (near the forehead) and make a classic braid.

Carefully open the first crossing of the braid and run a strand of hair inside. Locks always have to be passed from above the twist, not from the side, to give the “waterfall” effect. Repeat this procedure as many times as desired, to add more tufts in cascade.

Once crossed by several strands, tie the end of the braid with a non-protruding hairband and fasten it to the hair, towards the opposite side from where the braiding began.

Hairstyle with braids for parties

Crown braid stylebraid hairstyles

Brush the hair thoroughly until it is free of knots and divide it into two equal parts (with the classic parting in the middle).

In each half and neatly make an inverted root braid. In this case, a somewhat more rustic and natural aesthetic is sought, so it is not necessary to put fixative or hairspray on the hair.

Put together a kind of bow at the nape of the neck, twisting one braid with the other and fastening them with bobby pins of the same hair color so that they are not visible. If desired, open the crosses of the braids a little with your fingertips to give it a more voluminous look. For a more elaborate finish, you can add studs, hair appliques, or tiaras that sparkle with light. This is easy to braid hairstyle that works on women and girls.

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Frozen Elsa braidbraid hairstyles

The first thing will be to give the hair volume to obtain that superabundant hair effect (this can be avoided in the case of naturally voluminous manes). With a comb or brush, comb the beginning of several frontal locks from the bottom up and vice versa, to achieve “inflate” the hair.

Then comb all the hair back, frequently straighten the ends of the hair, and make a half ponytail holding it with an elastic tail (causing sure not to flatten the volume obtained previously). You can also lift the hair that supports the rear to give it more amount and hold it with bobby pins.

Separate the hair into three equal strands and make a traditional (French) braid, leaving the tail in the middle. You have to start the braiding by taking a lock from each side of the tail and crossing them. Make the braid along the hair bringing it to the left side of the body (ideally it reaches the left shoulder), and hold it with a rubber band that does not stand out. To give the finished braid more thickness, open it slightly at the sides. As a final detail, you can place hair accessories with a shiny snowflake design. This is one of the most chosen hairstyles for girls with braids.