Hair color trend 2020

Hair color trend

At the beginning of each year, many of us seek to renew our look, whether it be with a new style of wardrobe, nails, cuts or hair colors. That is why in this publication I will introduce you to the most popular hair color trend.

Below you can watch a video where you will know in detail the hair colors that will be a trend during this year 2020, you will love them.

If you are looking for a beautiful change of look and give your hair a different and genuine touch, these are the colors with which you will achieve your goal.

Hair color trend 2020

Orchard RedHair color trend

During 2019 the reddish tones were present, but in this year 2020, they are consolidated in their more three-dimensional version, from which arises the name of orchard red, or fruit red. The most glamorous balayage is achieved by mixing copper tones with brown shades, perfect to look on-trend, but without losing sobriety. It should be noted that the shades of cinnamon red and mahogany will also be very popular this year.

CopperHair color trend

In the first months, the copper tone will remain strong, although as the days go by it will remain a passing trend. This coloration is about a light copper, pulling towards a blond tone.

Warm BlondeHair color trend

Last year was the time when blonde started to go from cold to warm, and now it’s time to sport a shade more golden than platinum. So if you have a very dark natural root it is necessary to rinse the base one or two tones so that the wicks do not contrast so much and the finish is softer and more natural.

Sun Kissed

It is one of the colors that look really beautiful for its similarity to the reflections of the sun on the hair, because in addition to being very discreet and natural, it is perfect for lightening hair and giving it shine, and best of all is which is ideal for any skin tone.

ChocolateHair color trend

Definitely, the chocolate tone will be another of the protagonists in 2020 since it will be worn both in subtle highlights that provide light to the face and in total colorations. It is a safe bet that gives warmth to the face and softens the features. The key to achieving the ideal tone is to create a uniform base and for it to look very natural it is necessary to take out some internal point of light, achieving reflections when the mane is in motion.

Deep black

When you opt for a deep black tone you should take into account your skin tone since in those with dark skin a black tone should be applied, but in those with pale skin, they should apply an ultra chestnut dark that will do the same effect.

Electric ColorsHair color trend

Although classic colors are the most popular this year, there will also be a triumph of fantasy colors, this time more electric-like oranges, blues, and yellows. Both in global format, strands and bicolor.

GrayHair color trend

It is one of the best shades to disguise the annoying gray hair and in this 2020 it will be one of the most popular colorations, especially if you accompany it with a beautiful haircut that has enough strength.

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