Money piece hair: the low-maintenance coloring trend you have been looking for

Money piece hair

Do you consider yourself a lover of golden sparkles in your hair? Then pay attention, because the Money Piece Hair has just arrived to steal the throne from any other highlight trend that you have tried before and that will give you that low maintenance natural effect you were looking for.

What is Money Piece Hair?Money piece hair

It is a coloring technique based on balayage, which is achieved through the dyeing of reflections in golden tones. Focusing on the front strands that frame the silhouette of the face. But without completely forgetting the tips of the rest of your hair.

Its purpose? Create a play of light with a natural touch that brings more shine and light to both hair and your face. In addition to adding volume, dimension and providing more naturalness than that achieved with a balayage.

Why should you adopt Money Piece Hair as your new coloring technique?

If what you have always sought is not to commit too much to color retouching, this technique is perfect for you, because although it could be somewhat complex in appearance (and in a way its application if it is), the truth is that it is of a coloration that does not require high and constant maintenance compared to other techniques.

Just lightly touch up the roots of the front locks to retain their illuminating effect and keep looking radiant!

Who does Money Piece Hair favor the most?Money piece hair

Although it is a system focused on bringing more light to light brown hair and even chocolate-colored hair. It also looks amazing on light hair. Of course, to achieve the best results, each hair color must be adapted to the most natural shade of lights that suits it. So it is very important to take into account the professional recommendation of your trusted stylist.