5 styles of fashion trench coats

fashion trench coats

The raincoat or trench is the perfect garment for rainy days. On this occasion, we show you 5 options so you can find the one that best styles of fashion trench coats.

The trench coat, also known as a trench coat, is the star garment for both men and women to protect themselves from the cold and rain during the fall/winter season.

What will the raincoat have that practically everyone has one in their wardrobes, and it is not surprising, it is one of the garments that should be part of the wardrobe of each person? If you want to know what styles are in fashion today, keep reading this article.

5 styles of fashion trench coats

Like everything in fashion, each season the classics are renewed and new versions of the garments we all know to appear. On this occasion, we bring you the latest trends in matters of raincoats. Do not miss it!

1. Classic trench coatfashion trench coats

It is the raincoat that we all know. Its length is usually above the knees and the most used colors are neutral tones such as beige, camel or tan, although blue and khaki green also have their great followers. It is perfect to combine with all kinds of looks, from dresses, skirts, and pants. If you want to have a trench coat that does not go out of style, this is without a doubt our favorite.

2. The extra long version of the classic trench coatfashion trench coats

As you can see, this type of trench coat is similar to the one we just showed you, the only difference is its length and breadth. Being oversize, it brings a much more casual and casual style to outfits. Some of them usually have a checkered print on their inner lining, making a tribute and/or version of the characteristic print of the fashion brand Burberry.

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3. Checkered trench coatfashion trench coats

As its name expresses, it is a trench coat with a check pattern. It is also usually oversize but its lines are much simpler than those of the previous trench coat. There are countless types of paintings in the world of design, but the most used for this type of trench are tartan paintings, harris paintings, and window or Window Check paintings.

4. Patent leather trench coatfashion trench coats

The colors vibrant and cheerful are the main characteristics of effective patent leather trench coats. If in themselves the trench coats are perfect for the rain, this version is even more so. Since the material with which they are made repels water. It is not a style suitable for all kinds of people, especially if they are shy or want to go unnoticed on the street. But if you like to risk with fashion, we recommend that you take ownership of one of them.

5. Leather/imitation leather trench coatfashion trench coats

This type of raincoat is really elegant. Whether it is leather or leatherette, it will add a classic touch to the outfit in which you include it. If you want to play with the contrasts, put a sweatshirt under it and let the hat stand out. If you prefer a much simpler look, combine it with a nude tone sweater or a white shirt. The perfect garment for almost any situation.

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