9 Styles of sweaters that will be more than a basic in your closet

Styles of sweaters

The boots are very cool, the scarves are like enveloping clouds and the Blazers are simply a must-have. But among the most necessary garments of our closets, in the number one position are the sweaters. There is something so unmistakably cozy and comforting of turtlenecks, cashmere, and the endless combinations that make it look good with everything, skirt, jeans, tennis or heels. Therefore, they have managed to position themselves as one of the most important trends of this season. These are the nine styles that will be more than a basic in your closet, and that will become your best friends this season.

1. With details that make the differenceStyles of sweaters

Look for a basic sweater but that has some distinctive detail. It will give an instant upgrade to the look without attracting much attention.

2. V NeckStyles of sweaters

The V of these sweaters represents the v of victory because with one of these you have an assured look. Even more so this season, the necks fall vertiginously.

3. OversizeStyles of sweaters

The oversize trend is one of the strongest of the season, you can combine it with boots, heels or a skirt or tennis. Or even add jewelry and you’ll look super cool. Choose to elevate the style with more elegant garments, wear it as a dress, in a masculine key, or create a total XL look. You’re going to love it!

4. OpenStyles of sweaters

Although we usually associate it with our grandmothers, the open sweater is intended to be the millennial garment plus it of the season. No doubt, with inspiration like this we will not leave the house without the post again. She is the star of styling!

5. Color injectionStyles of sweaters

We already said, the neon colors take over our looks this season and neither wool nor knitwear can be saved from it.

6. Goodbye sleeves

The most retro vintage style returns invest format. The prints are the order of the day and all brands (low-cost and luxury) take their proposals to show that this item is in the spotlight. Will you fall into temptation?

7. The most winter cropped topStyles of sweaters

The crop top is also worn in the lowest temperatures, and sweaters in this format have enchanted more than one fashionista. Combined with high-rise pants, you achieve an effect that is too cool.

8. Protagonism in the sleevesStyles of sweaters

Give all the prominence to the sleeves: they will mark the trend and with just that detail you will already have a 10/10 look. Opt for flared designs, with ruffles or puffs, the triumph is assured.

9. Let me speak for youStyles of sweaters

The designs that come with phrases or words are becoming more fashionable, that’s why you will not find it difficult to find a perfect model for every occasion.