How to cut curly hair? Tips and examples of curly hair cuts

How to cut curly hair

Curly hair is beautiful, particular, and all different from each other, but also very difficult to manage. Anyone who has them knows: you can’t go wrong in cutting curly hair, on pain of a very long wait! Because it is true that curly hair grows as fast as straight hair, but before the curl or curl gets longer even appreciably to the eye, time passes. So this explains why curls are terrified of hairdressers: a trim can very quickly become a hoe if the hairdresser is no more than experienced.

We then asked Cristiano, our hairstylist, to help us give you the best advice: in this post, you will find out how to cut curly hair, how it is good to work the hedgehog, and some tricks to keep your hair perfect even at home.

At the hairdresser: how curly hair should be worked

To understand if you can entrust your hair to a hairdresser, look at how it works and what type of cut it proposes: for curly hair one of the most important rules is never a straight cut; this is how the poodle effect we all hate is created.

How to cut long or short curly hair?How to cut curly hair

In recent years, the hedgehog is – finally – coming back into fashion: so we can say stop to the plates, which in the long run damage the structure of the hair, to say yes instead to a natural look, enlivened by curls, well-defined curls or afro. Certainly, they are very different hair from each other, so the cuts that best fit are different.

Long hedgehogHow to cut curly hair

If you have wavy hair, therefore not very defined, you can wear long hair and bobs very well, which on this head become wavy bob; those with less wavy hair can also play with fringes and side tufts.

Medium hedgehogHow to cut curly hair

C hi has well-defined curls should focus on a long bob climbed that gives direction and volume: a bit ‘as the beautiful Paola Turani!

Short hedgehog

The curly afro instead they want a bob medium to be exploited, but they also give the opportunity to play with cropped cuts very personal.

Tricks to have curly cuts always at the topHow to cut curly hair

Then there are some small tricks to always keep in mind:

  • if some strands are smoother than others – and therefore gives an unpleasant little cared-for effect -, it is often enough to moisten it a little to revive it
  • if your hair is flat on the top of your head it means that there is too much mass in that area: it means that it needs to be thinned; while waiting for the appointment with the hairdresser, dry them only upside down, because you will thus favor the natural formation of volume

Basically, to choose how much and how to cut your beautiful curls, first consider how wavy your hair is and talk to your hairdresser: you can choose easy-to-manage cuts such as long and wavy bobs, or dare with a pixie cut or an asymmetrical cut. all curly to bring out your personality.

Mistakes to avoid if you have curly hair

Then there are some things you should never, never, ever do if you have curly hair. The first is to cut them when they are wet, and you will understand why: wet they are smoother, and smooth they are longer. Cutting curls when wet means not having the real measure of their length.

Another thing to avoid is brushing because the brush or comb on dry curly hair causes breakage and loss of elasticity.

We also see all the other actions that damage or make curls frizzy:

  • wash them too often and with very foaming products
  • rub them with the towel to dry them (this applies to all hair, because it weakens them, but even more so for curly cuts because it ripples them excessively. The hedgehog needs slow and gradual drying, as naturally as possible. Ever heard of plopping ?)
  • do not use a conditioner
  • don’t use the diffuser (argh!)
  • force them to be smoothed, always and in any case, with excessive use of a straightener and hairdryer.