If you are looking for a wedding dress with ruffles, you have to see these ideas

wedding dress with ruffles

There are style gestures, highly studied details, and even applications capable of making. From a simple wedding dress, an unprecedented look that turns social networks upside down. This is the case with full-color embroidery, bows in all sizes, lace and vintage fabrics and for a few years in a special way, with ruffles. It is the latter who have managed to evolve and position themselves with style in different areas of a garment but always maintaining the elegance and originality provided by this voluminous piece of fabric. From the neckline to the skirt, passing through the sleeves. The ruffles are one of the most interesting solutions for those looking for a special design, without falling into excesses.

Upper and lowerwedding dress with ruffles

Faced with the bridal looks of straight silhouettes or A-lines, minimalist and very light. It is possible to find a radically opposite and very sophisticated trend that opts for wedding dresses with volume. In addition to adding those doses of maximalism with balloon sleeves, skirts with a cancan, or a more traditional princess cut, there is the possibility of doing so by placing the ruffles on the design in two strategic areas: the neckline and the end of the skirt. Although risky, the choice produces a very flattering optical effect, as it stylizes the figure in a very elegant way. This is what the designer, based in Seville, Roberto Diz, did, adding volume in the upper and lower areas of the dress of one of his most viral brides.

In the back

The most discreet version of the ruffles trend is the one that proposes adding them to the back of the wedding dress. In this case, with a crossed back and small ruffles, the design allows the protagonist of the big day great mobility, as well as making it easier for you to show off her back and tan. The proposal is very appropriate for the links celebrated in the hottest months of the year. But it could be adapted to winter with the help of simple sleeves.

Fullwedding dress with ruffles

Lovers of romantic, bohemian, or hippie looks are in luck. As creations like the ones in the image are available on the market. Full of ruffles, from the neckline to the floor, these proposals are suitable for the spring/summer season and are similar to the most special evening looks of this time of year. Along with minimalist or boho-chic jewelry they can also be useful as pre-wedding looks or recycled at dinners with friends or family events.

At the cleavage

It is enough to dive for a few minutes on social networks to discover that there are numerous wedding looks with ruffles at the neckline that accumulate ‘I like you’, comments and that are shared by thousands of users. Bespoke design firms win over those that boast of the collection since the bulk of the proposals of this style are made to order and follow the taste of each bride. The favorites of the influencers and expert stylists in the field are the incorporation of a frizzy and flattering frill, which leaves the shoulders exposed.

On the sleeves

To think of a ruffled wedding dress is to think of the volume associated with the sleeves. As a great trend of 2020 and 2021. It is common to see proposals that give all the prominence to this area of ​​the bridal look. With pieces on the market that explore the more mysterious side of outfits for the big day. But also the options of renowned sewing houses, it is difficult not to hit the mark by incorporating ruffles on the sleeves. Although, it is convenient not to lose sight of the recommendation of the experts who warn that. In order not to overload the design, it is better to opt for simplicity in other areas of the garment to create a visual balance.

In the skirt

With influences from the 90s, proposals like the one in this illustration will delight the most romantic brides. The princess style can be declined in very striking options, such as this ruffled skirt worthy of a royal. Its silhouette, traditionally sought after by fiancees who wished to leave the grooms and guests speechless, requires accompanying the body with a corset and, on occasions, a cancan to create the volume in the skirt, somewhat heavier than usual.

Pleated neckline

Although there are different ways of placing the ruffles. Different treatments can also be given to the fabrics used for this. A pleated fabric can look completely different from a natural version. As we propose in this illustration, the ruffle can be arranged vertically and pleated right at the neckline. If, in addition, the silhouette of the dress is typical of haute couture. A result that is as spectacular as it is original can be achieved. As demonstrated last year by a creation similar to the one designed by Fernando Claro’s team.


For weddings of a more informal nature, dresses with asymmetrical ruffles spread across the body may be the best option. If the ceremony is civil, takes place on the beach, in the country or is intimate, designs as spectacular as the one in the illustration will allow the bride to show off her silhouette and reuse the look when the big day has passed. Another option, for which some fiancées bet, is to get a second style for the dance.

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