Bridal makeup: which make-up to choose based on your own colors

Bridal makeup: which make-up to choose based on your own colors

The choice of bridal makeup depends on many factors. Surely it must be thought based on the style that was decided for the marriage. But above all, it must be combined with the wedding dress and the hairstyle. In a few, they want a princess dress. And a punk star make-up (even if some bolder bride has definitely done it). In short, we must create harmony between colors, shapes and the environment that surrounds us so that we can feel really perfect on the day of the yes. Of course, to choose the ideal make-up for our wedding. We must also take into consideration the color of our skin. And our hair, in such a way as to work on colors that perfectly match these two characteristics.

Once these aspects are highlighted, we can make room for the imagination by browsing the gallery that we propose. The inspirations are many, as are the combinations of glitter, perfect eyeliner, lipsticks with a thousand shades. And a complexion that rivals the most acclaimed stars. So before actually asking your make-up artist or make-up artist for advice, go through these bridal makeup photos and start dreaming!

Bridal make-up for green eyes and intense eyesBridal makeup: which make-up to choose based on your own colors

If the bride has green eyes, she will have to choose a make-up that highlights the qualities. And “establishes” the color. This is because often the green eyes, as well as the blue ones, are very iridescent. And the color of the eyes finds greater stability depending on the colors to which it is combined. Also, in this case, the color of the skin has a great influence on the choice of make-up. So a distinction must be made between light eyes and light skin on one side, and light eyes. And dark skin on the other, to which certain shades of eyeshadow and lipstick.


Green eyes and fair skin make-up :

if the bride has green eyes and fair skin, she can opt for refined and chic pastel shades. Very trendy the tendency to match the eye shadow color to that of the lipstick (just as it is very elegant to combine blush and lipstick). You could opt for an eye shadow in shades of pink or fuchsia, carefully dosed, to lipstick with similar, slightly glossy shades. The pink lipstick, in fact, is much loved by brides with fair skin and blond hair. The burgundy, as well as purple, are colors that stabilize and greatly enhance the green eyes, which is why using them for bridal makeup can prove to be a real blow! If you don’t like eyeshadow, even in this case you can opt for a bridal make-up with black eyeliner, maybe slightly 50s, and a dark lipstick, even red, to define the whole.

Green eyes and dark skin make-up:

if the bride has green eyes and dark skin, she can opt for smokey eyes in shades of brown, bronze or burgundy, with touches of light color to brighten the eyes. Gold, shimmer cream but also light green are a great choice. If the bride has very dark skin, she can opt for a burgundy lipstick. Or even purple shades for a real wow effect!

Bridal makeup for brown eyes: how to enhance them?

If the bride has brown eyes, she can play with various colors to enhance them. Brown eyes, or more generally dark eyes, have the advantage of being deep and intense. What needs to be done is to enhance the features of these eyes with the right makeup and prepare the face to be the perfect frame. We can opt for various types of bridal make-up, therefore, also depending on the color of the skin: for an important make-up , with an eye shadow that stands out or with a self-respecting smoke eyes , or for a very simple and natural make-up , with a little eyeliner that enhances the eye, focusing on lipstick.

Brown eyes and fair skin make-up :Bridal makeup: which make-up to choose based on your own colors

if you like to emphasize the eyes, then, choose fairly dark colors that give greater intensity to the brown: a blue, a gray, a plum, all rigorously shiny and shining. The mat trick is likely to turn off the eye on a brown eye, so it’s best to avoid it. If you don’t like eyeshadow, bet everything on your mouth: black eyeliner, light white or gold shimmer eye shadow to give brightness to the eye and red lipstick. The bridal make-up with red lipstick is a classy choice, perfect for those who have very light skin and love to highlight this feature. A real treat is the use of the plum, both on the eyes and on the lips, which will give the bride an allure a little retro but absolutely trendy!

Brown eyes and dark skin make-up:

if the bride has brown eyes and dark skin, she can opt for makeup with warm and bright colors. Bronze, brown, gold, all harmoniously orchestrated in such a way as to be natural and simple. You could opt for a smokey eye that mix these colors, intensifying the look, and strictly shimmer or glitter, so as to stand out on the face. Also, avoid the mat eye shadows in this case so as not to risk turning off the eyes.

If you prefer natural-effect make-up, choose colors in shades that come closest to the color of your skin. Even if you have brown eyes and dark skin, opting for red lipstick can be a stylish choice, or at least for a lipstick with dark shades. But beware of the masking effect or the “vulgarity” risk: if you have very full lips, choose a matte lipstick with cool shades, even to give more emphasis to the smile.

Bridal makeup for blue eyes and a magnetic lookBridal makeup: which make-up to choose based on your own colors

If the bride has blue eyes, she has two options depending on the type of makeup she prefers: focus on darker shades of her eyes, like dark blue or navy blue; or focus on contrasting shades, such as purple or pink. Also, in this case, a lot depends on the color of the skin.

Make-up marries blue eyes and fair skin:

if the bride has blue eyes and fair skin, she can opt for a tone-on-tone make-up, enhancing the blue of the eyes with slightly smokey eyes in shades of blue. It is advisable not to overdo it, in order to avoid the opposite effect, or rather that of not enhancing the eye. If, on the other hand, you don’t like your eyes too tight, you could enhance their color with a light pencil but also in contrast, like a fuchsia pencil, again depending on your personality. In this case, bet everything on the lipstick, whether red with cold tones or a dark pink or fuchsia mat.

Make-up marries blue eyes and dark skin:

in this case, the bridal make-up must focus on warm shades, such as gold, cream, bronze, all very delicate and above all bright to give the look greater brilliance. Accompany these colors with a pink lipstick with intense shades and you’re done!

Natural, simple and light bridal makeupBridal makeup: which make-up to choose based on your own colors

If you don’t like a too showy bridal makeup but prefer a natural and light make-up, no fear. Who said that you have to show off an important trick for your wedding? The important thing is to moisturize the face well, apply a good base covering the imperfections of the face (some pimples from stress or some old scar from adolescence) and keep the skin shiny, especially in view of the many photos in which you will be the protagonist. Enhance the shape of the eyes with an eyeliner and bet everything on the lipstick that best reflects your personality! The important thing, as always, is feeling good about yourself, especially on such an important day.