Bridal makeup for blue eyes: tips for choosing the best make-up

Bridal makeup for blue eyes

Blue eyes are among the most impactful physical elements that exist. We share the best tips for choosing the best Bridal makeup for blue eyes.

Enhancing this feature of the face, especially in the make-up theme, is a trump card to make your gaze magnetic and extremely pleasant.

And what better time to focus 100% on creating a makeup that can bring out the best side of ourselves?

Marriage, of course

If an extra-strong eye make-up like the black smokey eye is a real trump card for those with light eyes and above all a cold color, a bridal makeup, on the contrary, must generally stick to a style close to nude which is very much in trend in recent years or at any rate delicate look that is not too aggressive.

Once the fateful date has been set, therefore, one of the first things to do will be to rely on a make-up artist who will offer you various solutions. But is there a way to get an idea even before the makeup artist gives his personal interpretation?

Here are all the useful tips that we want to provide after finding information from reliable sources on the web, such as this guide of Cillara Makeup.

Bridal makeup for blue eyes

The choice of colorsBridal makeup for blue eyes

Certainly, excluding total black makeup, mobile eyelid full of shock colors, we have narrowed the field … but not too much! There are wide ranges of shades that can enhance the beautiful cold color of your eyes! Among the most recommended in terms of marriage, they are the orange, caramel, and brownish scale. The emphasis, as of easy intuition, is given by the contrast that is created between the heat of the make-up and the cold of the color of the eyes. Furthermore, it is not uncommon to choose to apply a line of eyeliner, just to not give up a pleasant frame, as if to underline the clear tone of the iris. t is one of the best tips for bridal makeup for blue eyes.

Greenlight also for the old pinks with warm notes, peach, and champagne that more and more, are in the spotlight of the world of make-up, from special occasions to a more peaceful everyday life.

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The techniqueBridal makeup for blue eyes

We first mentioned the extra strong smokey eye technique that enhances blue eyes so much but we also talked about how bridal makeup should be delicate and not too flashy.

But then the smokey eye is a technique prohibited on this very special occasion? The answer is no.

Although the classic technique involves massive use of a deep and super pigmented black, this technique has also adapted and transformed, and therefore, it is possible to create one even starting from much lighter and sober colors that will give the right light and naturalness to the eye.

DuoChrome, crhome, topper, and glitterBridal makeup for blue eyes

In this case, we can say that everything depends on the color!

Once chosen, it will be possible to opt for these types of colors and additions, expertly selected. And applied in such a way as to give an extra touch to the make-up without exasperating it. A good make-up artist will be careful to apply the products in the most appropriate places and in the right quantities, avoiding exaggerations that could be out of place for a bride. It is one of the best tips for bridal makeup for blue eyes.

The evidenceBridal makeup for blue eyes

It seems a foregone conclusion but it is not at all.

When you have to choose the make-up artist who will take you up on the most important day of your life. Remember that it is something you will always remember.

From photos to movies, in fact, most of the attention will be fully paid to the makeup of the new bride.

This means that you will have to be absolutely confident and confident in the professional you have contacted.

But how to choose the best one? First of all it will be a must to view his previous works through the social media and website associated with him. This will help us to understand the style that the makeup artist has. And also to get an idea of ​​what you like or dislike.

Finally, once you have chosen the make-up artist, you can dedicate yourself to the tests.

Do not be afraid to make questions and requests. Remember that the make-up artist is a figure born precisely to satisfy you and make you feel beautiful!