8 Summer Wedding Trends You Will Love

Summer Wedding Trends

Despite the heat of the season, summer remains to be a favorite time of the year for weddings. First of all, a lot of people can easily find time in their busy schedules to attend a wedding. Students are on a break from school, and there are long weekends to look forward to. Second, summertime wedding trends are often delightfully creative and unique.

So, if you are thinking of saying “I do” over the summer, you will surely delight in all the trends for the occasion. For 2020 and 2021, the following are considered the strongest trends to consider.

1. Printed Bridal Gowns

Over the last few years, non-traditional wedding gowns have been earning a lot of fans. But among the unconventional options, printed wedding gowns are perfect for the summer. From romantic floral to edgy ethnic prints and fun geometric shapes, these prints bring something more interesting and sassy to classic wedding gown designs.

It’s not just the dresses that are glammed up with prints, though. Veils that are hand-painted or embroidered with flowers are part of the trend as well.

2. Two-Piece Wedding Dresses

With the summer heat being a little uncomfortable for the body, two-piece wedding gowns are considered a brilliant solution for the bride’s mobility, convenience and physical comfort. Cropped tops in particular allow the skin to breathe on a hot day. Aside from that, certain movements, such as raising the arms, are simply easier to execute when the wedding dress consists of separate pieces.

But it’s not just those benefits that make two-piece wedding gowns trendy. According to top fashion designers, separates offer brides a better opportunity to customize their outfit because with separate pieces, it’s easier to play with proportions, cuts, and even materials.

3. Semi-Formal Groom’s Outfits

For the summer, a lot of grooms will be ditching a tux or a suit for more laidback, semi-formal fashion. You’ll see a lot of rolled-up shirt sleeves, breezy tunics, linen pants, dandy colors, and even jeans.

These make stylish but weather-appropriate options, especially for outdoor weddings. And stylists also add that there will be a lot of hats as well. Everything from cowboy hats to Panama hats, newsboy hats, and trilby hats will be featured on the head of the groom and groom’s men in summer weddings.

4. “Pick Your Own Bridesmaid Dress”

When it comes to trendy bridesmaid dresses, there certainly are too many to choose from. Therefore, giving female members of the entourage the freedom to select the dress to wear is the practical way to go.

However, it’s important to set standards so nobody outshines the others. Make sure they stick with the color motif of the wedding, and perhaps indicate the length of the dress. The best thing about letting the bridesmaids pick their own dresses is that you can be sure that they look good and like what they’re wearing for the momentous occasion. Plus, they can pick a dress that they can reuse many times in the future.

5. Mixed Wedding Bouquet

For the summers of 2020 and 2021, there will be a lot of wedding bouquets that are not just made of fresh flowers and ornamental leaves. These mixed wedding bouquets are quite popular because they offer brides the opportunity to make the accessory more meaningful. They get to gather family heirlooms, favorite things, and gifts from people they love.

According to professional florists, they now work with delicate satin flowers, blow-glass flowers, feathers, and jewels such as pearls, and crystals. Plus, for complete standout wedding bouquets, they also use bejeweled pins or brooches, charm bracelets, and even necklaces instead of just ribbons to hold everything together.

6. No-Cake Wedding Cake

Since the traditional wedding cake can be a hassle to transport, not to mention it costs a lot of money, a lot of couples will be opting for the no-cake wedding cake choices for summer. Not only are they budget-friendlier, but they are also easier to share and serve than slices of wedding cake.

Some of the top options for no-cake wedding cakes are cream puff towers, macarons, donuts, cookies, brownies, tarts, sweet rice puff squares, cannolis, churros, and mini-pies displayed on multi-tiered trays. All these alternatives are pretty in their own way and just as sweet as a cake.

7. Flower Aunts and Grandmas

Different lifestyle magazines have been featuring these alternatives to little flower girls: flower aunts and grandmas. It is such an endearing idea, which has grown into a trend this year. Quite often, these important ladies in the bride and groom’s lives do not get a special part in the wedding celebration, when they have actually contributed so much to the lives of the couple. Therefore, making favorite aunts and beloved grandmothers replace young flower girls is undoubtedly a switch-up worth considering.

Think about it — if these lovely women take over the task of scattering flower petals for the bride’s arrival, the bridal procession will take on more meaning. Plus, nobody has to worry about little girls getting temperamental and suddenly abandoning the march, which is quite common. Instead, you have loving aunts and grandmas who are totally dedicated to making your big day as beautiful as possible.

8. Indoor Vibe for Outdoor Weddings

Outdoor venues such as gardens, courtyards, beaches, and even forest grounds are top picks for summer weddings. However, the trend for the year and the next is making these outdoor venues as cozy and comfortable as possible.

The strategy for doing so involves bringing indoor furniture outside, such as big and bulky tufted couches, elegant rugs, luxurious armchairs, chaise longues, antique chairs, cushions, and coffee tables. Many even hang crystal chandeliers from trees and canopies to somehow recreate the feel of a grand room.

Overall, everybody feels more at home in a way, despite being outdoors for a big celebration.

Those are eight exciting wedding trends for the summer. Many of them are out of the box decisions that yield amazing results. For your wedding, which among these are you eager to try to make one of the most important occasions in your life stand out and be truly memorable?