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Reichel Complex - Friedemann Derschmidt project

Family history is not something that should be kept hidden away. It’s a collection of stories, traditions, and facts about your family’s past. Keeping this information to yourself or using it as a “party trick” isn’t doing anyone any favors. Instead, the benefits of collecting family legends and history are numerous for both you and your family.
Whether you live far from your relatives or see them regularly, taking the time to preserve your family tree will be beneficial in many ways. The different types of information that can be collected include photos, written documents, audio recordings, and video recordings.

What is Reichel komplex?

The “Reichel komplex” web 2.0 platform was developed by Friedemann Derschmidt to serve as a private blog for his extended family. The goal of the project is to collect family legends and tales, while the other goal is to assist the collective as it faces difficult questions about guilt and the involvement of its ancestors in the Nazi movement.

Collecting family tales and legends

One of the best reasons to start collecting family stories is so that you can record the tales and legends that have been passed down from generation to generation. These stories can sometimes be difficult to track down, but once they’ve been documented, you can share them with family members in the future. These stories and legends are often a great way to start a conversation with a distant family member. They’re a great ice breaker and can help you to form a connection with those you love. They’re also a great way to teach your children or grandchildren more about their heritage and history. Therefore, even if you don’t know a ton of family history yourself, you can still record these stories to keep them alive.

Article Author Robert Johnson