Tips for Dressing in pale pink and Looking Fashionable

pale pink

Dressing in pale pink is a very modern option, for men and women, it is already in the past that pale pink is an exclusive color for women or that it is a children’s color.

Pale pink is no longer a cheesy color, on the contrary, it is a modern color, which inspires delicacy and which, combined correctly, is super modern and elegant. Here we are going to give you some tips so you can learn to combine the color pink and have very modern looks!

Tips for Dressing in pale pink and Being Fashionable

  1. The color pale pink combines very well with the colors white, black, gray, blue, aubergine, and brown. On the contrary, it is not recommended to combine with warm colors such as yellow or orange.
  2. It is important to know that there are several pink tones that you can combine and use in your outfit; for example, hot pink, pastel pink, rosewood, or satin pink. If you feel that a very intense pink does not suit you, you can try the other shades.
  3. Pale pink and pink can combine well, as long as one tone is darker than the other. Of course, do not overdo it and balance your look with white or black.

Ideally, if you want to combine pink with pink, it is with a light pink blouse and a darker pink jacket, or try a light pink blouse and darker pink pants. In either case, it always complements the look with a white or black piece.

If you have a pink suit, where the blazer and pants are this color, we recommend that the blouse or shirt you wear underneath be white to soften and neutralize the look; Or you can also use black to balance and have a stronger style.

  1. Do not think that dressing in pale pink is only for the summer, with the different tones that there are, you can use them at any time of the year. The lighter pink tones are recommended for the summer and the darker ones for the colder seasons.
  2. If you want to go pale pink, but don’t want to overdo it, we recommend wearing a pale pink sweater, combining it with jeans and pink shoes; Super modern and applies to both men and women!

If you want something more discreet, try the sweater, blouse, or shirt and combine it with an accessory; it can be in the hair for women, and for men, it can be the watch or a belt.

  1. If you want a more formal and elegant look, we recommend using the paler pink tones, rosewood is so beautiful. And if, on the other hand, you want a fresher and more relaxed look, you can opt for the hottest or fiery pinks like fuchsia.
  2. Choose the tones according to the shape of your body, the darker tones slim down, so, in the widest part of your body that you want to hide, use the garment with the darkest pink and vice versa; In the thinnest part, use the lightest pink to give more harmony to your body.