White pants for men : What to wear

White is a delicate color. It is very elegant but requires extraordinary care to prevent stains, wrinkles, and other types of external aggression from affecting its appearance.

Fabrics are becoming more resistant to cuts and stains (manufacturers have already chosen to create shirts with hydrophobic synthetic fibers that repel any liquid), but you still have to be careful.

Let’s see how you can combine white pants successfully.

Keys to successfully combine white men’s pants

White pants are not the most worn: blue, black, beige, and gray are much more common colors for this type of garment.

But if you are determined to wear white pants, keep in mind the following aspects:

1. Away from liquids. Whether it stains or not, white does not get along well with liquids.

Even water can leave a mark, and it is not aesthetic that the white is not uniform. Try to stay away from any source of liquids while wearing them so as not to spoil their appearance.

2. Washed separately. White garments are what you have, and if you don’t take care, one day pink or gray appears.

It is best to wash them separately, especially if there are new colored garments that are going to be washed for the first time.

If for any reason you cannot avoid washing it together, make sure you do it with cold water.

3. Try not to wrinkle them. White pants are especially sensitive to wrinkles. There are times when it is unavoidable, but when you can, try to keep them smooth longer.

How does this affect when it comes to knowing how to combine them? Well, in that excessively wrinkled white pants take away the prominence of the rest of the outfit, and all eyes will go to the accumulation of wrinkles.

And that’s something you don’t want to happen, right?

4. Moderate contrasts. Black and white is an exquisite mix to combine, but it must be applied in its proper measure.

The black should not be especially highlighted, but the white should not be excessive either.

In addition, you can complement the contrasts with gray parts so that they act as support and balance the color of the whole.

The best combinations of men’s clothing: combining white pants

  • If there is a color that admits bright tones, that is undoubtedly white.
  • As it is very bright in itself, a t-shirt in orange, blue, yellow, or green tones will fit perfectly with white pants, whether long or short.
  • For this reason, during the summer you can find many outfits that use bright colors to give a new look to your style.
  • A good sports option is to wear wide white pants (even sporty ones will work) and combine them with a colored shirt (plain, striped, or with any other motif, as long as they are not excessive prints).
  • For the off-season months, you may want to add a jacket. Opt for a cowgirl so as not to be out of tune and keep the shoe light or with very soft tones.

Should white men’s pants be combined with a dark shirt?

  • It is not that it is imperative, but it would be fair to say that it is one of the best combinations for all kinds of situations.
  • A dark shirt enhances the figure, allows to hide the small imperfections of the torso, and gives the outfit a much more striking and attractive aesthetic.
  • Dark shirts make everything else stand out, maintaining the elegance of the rest of the clothes.
  • For occasions where you need a more elegant look, try to opt for a plain shirt in a single color, without decorations or prints that alter the perception of contrast.
  • If you want to add a casual point, wear gray and white sneakers; If what you want is to maintain the elegance of the outfit, some shoes that match the shirt will make the pants stand out much more.
  • You can choose dark tones without having to be black.
  • Navy blue is a great option to resort to that contrast without falling into excess, but black is equally valid for all kinds of situations.

How can you combine casual white men’s pants?

It may seem paradoxical, but creating an informal outfit with white pants can be complicated.

The elegance provided by white trousers is such that it is enough to add a matching garment to have an elegant look.

The best way to give an informal touch to your aesthetic is to opt for sportswear that includes some distinctive elements. We are not talking about prints, but rather about logos or some kind of phrase.

This brings variety and freshness to traditional monochrome combinations, making your look a little more casual.

Of course, it will always be closer to the nautical aesthetic than to the urban one due to the characteristics of these pants, but they will work well in all kinds of situations.

What are the best shirts to combine with white pants

  • A safe bet is to choose a shirt that goes with white pants.
  • Best of all, there is such a variety of shirts on the market that it will not be difficult for you to find one that fits what you are looking for.
  • You can opt for shirts in light tones, but white pants look better if you go for intense tones: blues, greens, and oranges go great with white pants.
  • One way to give the outfit a sporty touch is to choose a plaid shirt, which is not plain and can be worn with a t-shirt underneath.
  • This will be ideal if you intend to give the aesthetic a more youthful touch.

Is it possible to combine white men’s pants in winter in another way?

  • Of course, it can. Although for summer it is better to avoid excessive contrasts, in winter wearing a brown, vanilla, or gray coat is a great alternative to differentiate your winter style from that of the hottest months of the year.
  • In fact, given that in winter it is common to have accessories such as scarves, neck warmers, gloves, and hats, it is okay if you decide on a light-colored jacket and shoes: the contrast will be provided by the accessories.
  • In the case of ankle-length pants that leave this part of the body exposed, you can choose to let the color of your skin add the contrast note it needs or use a type of socks that produce contrast and generate the effect of separation between shoes and pants.
  • Ways to combine white pants with men’s shoes without clashing
  • The most elegant pants are designed to be combined with more traditional accessories .
  • A classic look is a guarantee of success when it comes to combining white trousers, being able to choose sweaters, jackets, coats, and shoes in dark tones to create an aesthetically ideal contrast.
  • Sweaters are perfect garments to wear white pants in the off-season months, making the shoes look better.
  • A great alternative is to leave the most intense color for the footwear, while the upper part can be left with a lighter tone that produces the sensation of harmony when seeing the outfit.

Tips to combine white men’s pants casually

  • Although white pants are elegant by themselves, it is very easy to give a casual touch to the look.
  • Just add a denim jacket or a t-shirt with colorful designs on a white base to radically change the look of the outfit.
  • A good option is to resort to the typical prints of many of the merchandising products.
  • These products use black and white base t-shirts to superimpose a series of drawings, prints, or designs that can be perfect with a sporty and casual outfit with white pants.
  • This mix works especially well with the sporty version of pants, but try it with more formal pants and you’ll be amazed at the results.

The best footwear to combine with white pants

  • It is clear that with white pants it is easier to make your torso and feet stand out, but that does not mean that you can use any shoe in all kinds of conditions.
  • White athletic pants lend themselves to multi-colored sneakers, preferably black, gray, blue, or orange, while white dress pants go well with white, gray, or dark-colored sneakers.
  • Casual looks work especially well with dark-toned sneakers, but dress looks (they differ in the cut of the fabric) are made so that shoes or boots occupy the lower part of your body.

What accessories are ideal to combine with white pants

  • And we are not only talking about footwear but about jackets, belts, and even socks. With white pants it is very easy to highlight even underwear, so you must choose the colors very carefully.
  • A jacket in the spring or autumn months can be two-tone or even in predominantly dark tones.
  • It is also a good alternative to use dark-colored shoes or socks that allow you to create strategic points of attention to prevent the whole outfit from looking like a single white piece, something that is aesthetically quite annoying.
  • A good strategy is to use the same brand to find accessories that combine well with your white pants.