6 sleeve styles for the wedding dress

sleeve styles

The sleeves on the wedding dress are a very important decision. Much of the style of the dress can be defined with them. Whether you want a very elegant concept or a boho-chic style, you can determine it with the different silhouettes. We leave you six sleeve styles for the wedding dress so you can be inspired and thus, create or look for the outfit of your dreams.

The sleeve styles for the wedding dress

1. Bracessleeve styles

They help support the dress and show off the neckline without fear of falling. Choose the thickness that you like the most, whether you want it in the form of spaghetti or much wider.

2. Raglansleeve styles

The sleeves come from the neck in a single cut and protrude a little in the shoulders, giving a touch of firmness and elegance.

3. Poetsleeve styles

They are also known as romantic sleeves. They leave from the shoulder, where finished bloomers are created and fit on the wrists.

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4. Longsleeve styles

They work to stylize the arms and in the winter season, to cover a bit of the cold. They leave from the shoulder and fall to the wrist. It can be given different finishes according to the selected fabric.

5. Bellsleeve styles

They start at the shoulder and open at the middle or end of the arm. They are the favorite sleeves of brides who want a boho-chic wedding.

6. Butterflysleeve styles

The design comes out of the armhole and protrudes a little over the shoulder. They are the main accent of the waist, reflecting a lot of elegance and delicacy.

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