Black wedding dresses

Today, it seems almost impossible to imagine your wedding day in a dress that does not look like pure white. However, and for many stories, we read relating the tradition of wearing white with virgin purity. It has little to do with it if we pay attention to history. In this post, we want to recover the tradition of marrying black in Spain. So common until the time of the civil war and post-war and how good it feels if we stop conventionalism. Here’s everything you need to know about black wedding dresses.

The history of wedding dresses

The norm of white as a color for the wedding dress was established after Queen Victoria’s link in 1840 with Alberto de Saxony-Coburg-Gotha. The queen, with only 20 years and despite being reigning three, decided to give more prominence to her bond than to her coronation.

With a white and raw dress that would mark the story, first of the European upper classes and with the time of almost all modern weddings. Victoria opted for those colors in order to appreciate the delicate lace of the dress. In addition, without knowing it, he would establish a second tradition: no one else could go to the ceremony in white.

Despite not being the first person who chose this color, since the shade of white was traditionally used for the upper classes. Thus showing their lifestyle by being able to maintain such a delicate color. It was the before and after of the wedding dresses in white.

Black wedding dressesBlack wedding dresses

If we are looking for photographs of our relatives, it would not be surprising to find one of our great-grandmothers in which they wore a suit and black jacket for their wedding day. And in Spain, white was completely reserved for very high classes, so black was the order of the day. As for accessories for their wedding day, our ancestors used a veil or mantilla accompanied by a headdress with white flowers of orange blossom, which was combined with an arrangement of the same flowers, placed on the left breast, as a brooch. Over time, they would begin to see the white veils and the bouquet became the current bridal bouquet.

Therefore, black weddings have been a tradition in our country for many years and we have good news. It is already a tendency to recover it for your wedding.

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Celebrities who have worn black in their wedding dressBlack wedding dresses

Among the celebrities who have dared to wear black on their wedding day and, with that, expressed that there is no one more original, is the actress and eternal influencer Sarah Jessica Parker , who set a trend on her wedding day with Matthew Broderick in 1997, wearing a princess-style dress with purses and in black. Although she personally repented years after her choice of dress. Ahe ended up marking a milestone in bridal fashion. And encouraged many to take risks with different colors and shapes.

Among other celebrities who have dared to wear it, could not miss the singer Avril Lavigne, who in addition to wearing a black dress, dared to combine it with a bouquet of black roses.

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Black and white wedding dresses: trends for 2019-20Black wedding dresses

After this historical review and betting, because the best results always come out of the mixes. We have to mention the new trend in black wedding dresses for 2019. A simple black satin bow that accompanies a traditional white look.

In addition, if we need a little more inspiration to know how to combine this new complement of wedding dresses. We can be guided by the models presented by designer Beatriz Álvaro during the Bridal Love Madrid edition of 2018. The commitment to the country, with Hats and straw carrycot. Will cover all eyes during the weddings of this 2019 season.