Thin lips: 6 ways to make them full and plump

Thin lips are often mistreated by those who have them, but are we sure they are a flaw? Trends want more and more plump and voluminous lips, but if you have thin lips, all is not lost: we reveal how to enhance them in the right way.

Thin lips do not necessarily have to be a defect to be corrected, even if in the collective imagination the woman aspires to have a voluminous and sensual mouth. If you have thin lips, don’t treat them as a blemish to fight, but try to enhance them.

Fortunately for many, having a mouth with fine features is not a drama, rather it becomes almost a distinction to be proud of.

The beauty of your lips depends primarily on how you take care of them. Find out in this video how to easily make a dry lip scrub at home.

How to plump thin lips

You have thin lips and you just can’t stand this feature of your face: what to do? The ways to make the mouth voluminous and forget forever the much-hated thin lips, there are and are many.

Some are permanent and long-lasting, in this case, we are talking about real surgeries and aesthetic treatments; other ways to volumize thin lips, on the other hand, are temporary but highly effective.

Let’s find out together!

1 – Cosmetics to give volume to thin lips

Given the growing discomfort related to thin lips and how to plump them, on the market, it is possible to find numerous cosmetics formulated specifically to give (temporary) volume to the lips. These “lip-plumpers” can be in the form of lip balm or lip gloss or lip gloss.

To understand how they work we must briefly analyze their composition: the ingredients contained within stimulating blood circulation in the upper and lower lip, with an immediate volume effect.

Do not worry, often it is natural ingredients such as chilli and cinnamon. Also available in the form of simple pure oils that hydrate and volumize at the same time.

We arrived at this type of product only recently: in the past, in fact, often the cosmetics to make the lips plump were aggressive, they created burning and strong itching, becoming not exactly pleasant to apply.

2 – Corrective make-up to make lips appear fuller

Make-up is the perfect ally to do justice to thin lips and with a few small tricks, you can create a temporary optical effect that makes them look a little bigger.

Follow these lip makeup steps:

  • draw the lip contour with a pencil by moving slightly higher than the natural edge of your mouth. Just a few millimeters are enough to immediately get the impression of larger lips.
  • around the edge you drew, spread an illuminating concealer that will shift all the attention to the lips making them appear more turgid.
  • choose a bright color lipstick or a gloss with a shiny finish; you can also use both: first the edge with the pencil. Then fill the entire center with color and finally apply a layer of gloss.
  • avoid opaque lipsticks, but if you really can’t do without them. Choose bright colors leaving out dark shades that would make the already thin lips seem even smaller.

3 – Hyaluronic acid for a filling effect

Hyaluronic acid is already present in all the connective tissues of our body and can prove to be a valuable aid to plump thin lips.

How is it applied? It is used externally through some cosmetics that can be purchased in pharmacies or para pharmacies, which are formulated with a specific amount of hyaluronic acid capable of bringing volume to the lips from the very first applications.

It is necessary to apply the cosmetic and leave it to act for 10 minutes during which you may feel a little tingling (completely normal!). After that, you can already observe a volume effect which unfortunately will not last long. But can be ideal for important which we want to give an extra touch to the lips.

4 – Filler to fill and plump

Aesthetic medicine makes use of fillers to fill empty or emptied parts of the body for the most disparate causes: weight loss, operations, and diseases. Or in cases where you want to “inflate” an area such as a thin mouth.

The injection of fillers must be practiced by a competent doctor specialized in this type of treatment. It is true that it is a very simple aesthetic intervention. But if done badly or by non-experts, it could give serious side effects.

There are various types of fillers, let’s list them and clarify by highlighting the differences.

Permanent fillers: composed of substances of synthetic origin, they last a long time because they are not absorbed by the body. They have the serious problem of being able to cause allergies, side effects, and complications even after a long time from their use.

Semi-permanent fillers: are composed of substances that are both absorbable by the body and not. The effects last up to 3 years. Again, the risk of allergies and complications cannot be ruled out.

Absorbable fillers: composed of collagen and hyaluronic acid, substances that are completely absorbable by the body. They are safer than the previous ones, but the effect is short, ranging from a few weeks to a few months. The resorbable filler is ideal for volumizing thin lips.

5 – Volumize thin lips with lipofilling

Unlike the filler, lipofilling involves taking the patient’s fat which will then be injected into the areas to be filled. It is a real surgery called lipostructuring: the fat is taken from large areas such as the thighs or abdomen. Then undergoes a purification cycle and is re-injected into the part to be volumized, such as thin lips.

This treatment must be performed in the operating room with competent and qualified medical personnel, in addition, the patient is anesthetized locally.

The advantages? Virtually no risk of allergies and natural results are visible immediately. On the other hand, the fat tends to be reabsorbed so after a few days from the surgery it could “disappear” and make other applications necessary.

6 – Accessories to make the lips plump

On the market, there are some tools or accessories that help make the lips more plump, plump and volumized. They are usually cylindrical in shape and made of a rubbery or plastic material. The cylinder is closed on one side, while it is open on the opposite side. And it is precisely here that you will have to insert your lips and inhale, creating a vacuum effect.

It is not necessary to apply any product or cosmetic, the “sucking” effect will be enough to put into practice for a few minutes to volumize the lips. The procedure can be repeated a few times until the desired volume is reached.

Other tools similar to those just described, are also equipped with a pump to create and increase the vacuum.

Keep in mind that this method to make the lips bigger is not recommended: often very evident marks remain especially on the lip contour and most of the times they are due to the breaking of the capillaries. In addition, the effect lasts very little, in a short time the lips are thin again, while the red marks remain even for a few days.