Soap brows: what is the latest fashion of soapy eyebrows?

Soap brows: what is the latest fashion of soapy eyebrows?

Soap browsers are the latest trend in eyebrows. Become famous via Instagram, this technique involves the use of soap for a result of natural and no-makeup eyebrows. Read what it is and try now!

Defining, sculpting, and combing your brows perfectly using soap? Yup! This is precisely the goal of soap browsers, to have a perfect and flawless result, but at the same time natural. Today we want to explain to you how to perform this technique directly at home using normal soap or specific products (which we will recommend later!). But first, here’s a video to learn how to fill in your brows. And have them thick and defined in just a few steps!

Soap brows: what is it?Soap brows: what is the latest fashion of soapy eyebrows?

Soap brows literally translate to soap eyebrows or rather soapy eyebrows. The latest fashion is popular on social media in terms of make-up. In reality, it is nothing new, as this technique of fixing the eyebrows with the use of soap has always been used by professional make-up artists in the backstage of fashion shows. As often happens, thanks to the tam on social networks, soap browsers are currently super popular and everyone wants to easily recreate them at home. What is striking about this trend? Surely the effect, truly spectacular, full and shiny, for a magnetic face and gaze.

The intent of those who draw their eyebrows with soap is to define every single hair to obtain an impeccable effect. The eyebrows appear combed to perfection and govern for many, even many hours!

The reason soap browsers are so popularSoap brows: what is the latest fashion of soapy eyebrows?

The fashion of thick eyebrows has never stopped and that of bold brows is one of the luckiest beauty trends of recent years. Unlike the 90s when, on the other hand, the rule wanted thin and increasingly thin eyebrows.

We must say it clearly: soap browsers are also a quick and practical way to quickly fix the eyebrows, giving volume and defined shape to this area of ​​the face.

To be thinned out, now the watchword is definitely thickened, and the make-up brands know it will have oriented their commercial releases in this direction. There isn’t a brand that doesn’t have in its collection a palette, a pencil, a mascara, a gel, a brow pomade. Or even temporary tattoos or the like to define the eyebrows, draw them perfectly, and get a perfectly framed look. Now everyone fixes the eyebrows, it has become a mandatory step in make-up, and if we want to be honest. It was also time to learn how to take care of the eyebrows

without mistreating them with tweezers! Not only those who have few hairs on the arch, have someone white, but the products to fill and/or color the eyebrows are also used by everyone, first of all by those who want to give it an even more beautiful and tidy appearance which then harmonizes with all the face.

Eyeshadows, blushes, mascara, and… what can no longer be missing in your make up bag? An eyebrow product of course!

DIY soap brows: how to make them at homeSoap brows: what is the latest fashion of soapy eyebrows?

Soap brows: how are they made at home? To comb the eyebrows with soap you don’t need who knows what experience or even a very complicated tutorial. This is because the technique is really simple and intuitive for everyone. All you will need is soap and a brush with a pipe cleaner, such as mascara, so to speak.

What if we told you that hand soap is enough to comb your eyebrows and obtain dream soap browsers? The winning aspect is just this: 2 simple objects of common use (soap and brush) and a few minutes available. Let’s see what to do.

Precisely because the technique was stolen behind the scenes of fashion shows, it is very fast, since on those occasions there is never much time for make-up:

  • Just rotate the brush on the moistened soap to take some product;
  • Pass the brush on the eyebrows with movements from the bottom up;
  • Repeat the previous two steps if necessary;
  • Observe the result: sculpted, combed, and defined brows naturally and without adding color.

Not convinced yet? Here’s what else to consider: soap browsers are a simple, intuitive, and most economical method that gives us the possibility of obtaining an amazing result in just a few minutes. We are sure we made you want to try at least a little.

Soap brows yes, but not too often

So far we have wanted to highlight the advantages of the soap browser trend, focusing on how fast the technique is, easy for everyone, and with a surprisingly natural result. But what risks are there? There is no dangerous contraindication. But what you risk, especially if you define your eyebrows too often with soap, is to go and dry the entire area of ​​the eyebrow arch.

Often and willingly, in fact, soaps are too aggressive for the skin of the face, and in the long run. They could dry it out with an unsightly “dryness” effect. On the face, it would be good to use an ad hoc cleanser, which does not dry the skin too much, or if we do not have it, opt for hand soap.

Basically, we love soap browsers but don’t overdo it! They remain an excellent choice to show off for important occasions, photoshoots, events, or if you are in a hurry.