How to do a butterfly makeup

butterfly makeup

To make a butterfly makeup you just need bright colors and recreate a butterfly on your face as we explain in this guide of steps.

How to do a butterfly makeup step by step

The makeup inspired by the tones of animals and nature is a trend, and the truth is that occasions like Carnival or Halloween are also very appropriate. One of these makeups that are most worn now is the one that recreates the colors and appearance of butterflies, so if you like it, keep reading because we offer you a guide of steps in which we explain how to make a butterfly makeup.

Either for you or for a boy or girl who wants to be disguised as a butterfly, this type of makeup will always stand out for the mixture of tones and especially for the attempt to recreate the beautiful wings of a butterfly on the face. Let’s see how to do it.

Steps to make a butterfly makeup

  • To do this pretty butterfly makeup, we’ll start by creating the two-wing design with a white pencil. Try to be symmetrical starting from the center of the nose and working outward in small strokes. You do not need to mark the drawing much since in case you make a mistake you can erase it and start again.
  • Next, take a yellow color and start coloring from the center, near the nose, and moving outwards.
  • Now change to the color orange, keep doing makeup until almost the end of the wings and finish using a bright red color.
  • To mix the three colors well and combine them correctly, use a sponge or brush and rub in continuous movements.
  • Now use the color red to draw veins on the butterfly’s wings to create light transparency. Having used fantasy makeup colors that are greasy, what we have to do is fix them and to do this, we use talcum powder that we carefully press, with a sponge, over the entire colored area.
  • Once this step is done, we use a bright yellow eyeshadow for the first part of the wing to bring the light back to the colors and to illuminate them more, also to give that typical iridescent effect of butterflies. We then went on to do the same with an orange eyeshadow and finally, we applied a red eyeshadow.
  • The next step is to use a black aqua color theater makeup (a color that melts with water, perfect for going over thick colors), to achieve very fine streaks. To do this we have to use a very fine brush with a light hand. We continue with the aqua color, we leave the wings a bit and create the classic elongated tail at the base.
  • Finally, with a fat black pencil, we go over the body of the butterfly and then we blur with a brush.
  • Take some glitter and with another brush, apply it to the body that you have outlined with the thick pencil. Don’t worry, the glitter will stick without a problem.
  • Finally, you can finish your butterfly makeup with bright red lipstick that will enhance the beauty of the color of the wings.