Korean lip tints? We tell you how to use them

In recent years, Korean makeup has become one of the essential products for anyone’s beauty routine. Whether for its infinite benefits, its innovative presentation, or the impeccable way to leave perfect and luminous skin at all times.

Although, not everyone is encouraged to try Korean makeup for fear of not knowing how to use it or the way it can react to each person’s skin. The reality is that lip tints are a great option to have natural lips with a touch of color throughout the day. Here we teach you how to use them and why you should be encouraged to try them.

What are Korean inks?

As their name says, they are long-lasting lip tints. They are in charge of dyeing your lips so that you feel a light texture that lasts all day. It’s a great option if you want to achieve a natural look where your lips are pigmented with a hint of color without looking as heavy as a regular lipstick.

How to apply them?

The first thing is to exfoliate your lips since by pigmenting them and leaving a touch of color can give the appearance of dryness if they are not well exfoliated, then you must moisturize them with some lip balm to give it a natural touch, apply the lip tint from the inside out to give that gradient touch and voila!

As they are?

It depends a lot on the presentation of the lip tint, there are many in the form of normal lipsticks that come with their own applicator, others that come in small bottles and are very liquid, in gel, cream, or now some that you apply have become fashionable. as a mask and when you let it dry you just have to peel it off and the color will be pigmented.

What makes them different?

They are so light that you probably won’t notice that you are wearing them, by absorbing the color so quickly it gives the appearance that they look natural, another advantage is that you will forget about having to touch up after eating, they last a long time and do not run.

Without a doubt, Korean lip tints are a must for your beauty routine today. It’s time for you to try something unique and look amazing in your photos. You can buy them anywhere that sells makeup since other international brands have taken out their own inks. But if you want to live the experience with authentic Korean inks, you can try Tonymoly ‘s and look natural but always fashionable.

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