5 Types of pants that will make you look slim

types of pants

5 Types of pants that will make you look slim Diet and exercise may take time but clothing is one of the tricks.

Diet and exercise can take time but clothing is one of the tricks up the sleeve that celebrities and stylists have.

The pants are usually one of the basic items we have in our closet and for that reason, in Mujer de 10 we are going to tell you what kind of pants you should buy if you want to lose a few extra pounds

Check out the types of pants that will make you look slim

To the ankletypes of pants

If you want to see not only thinner but taller, it is good that your pants bend them a bit and show your ankles this will take you away and at the same time you will see thin

Straighttypes of pants

Straight pant is an old trick you can use if you want to make the legs not look so wide.

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High-rise pants

The high-rise pants are my favorites, in addition to making you look slimmer, they will also take you out of curves.

Black pantstypes of pants

Black is a color that we all love because it is easy to combine and always looks good.

But it is also a color that helps to disguise a little, making us look thinner


This type of pants has a crease in the part of the waist, this gives a little optical illusion so that our body instantly looks thinner

Dark jeans

Like black pants,  dark jeans are a good tactic to look thinner without paying the gym


Wear clothes of your size: do not forget that if you wear bigger clothes quickly that hurts you and makes you look wider than you are

No to printing: pants with designs are difficult to use and many may make us look chubby.