The keys to wearing light golden brown hair that enhances warm skin

Light golden brown hair is one of the most sought after by Latin women because it highlights golden skin and gives a tan effect.

Each hair color has a range of tones that goes from the lightest and ashy to the most intense and dark, and brown is no exception. One of the favorite shades of Latinas is light golden brown hair, which is characterized by its sun-kissed effect. No wonder it’s super priced!

The light golden brown tint has shades of yellow, managing to bring warmth and light, and highlighting the warm tones of the skin, so it is perfect for you if you are a brunette or if you have warm skin. Light brown, in the bleaching stages, corresponds to the second stage, between dark blonde and medium brown.

What number is light golden brown?

When we apply a light brown base, that is, clear, and add shades of golden blonde, we will achieve the much-desired light golden brown. According to hair colorimetry, this color is achieved with a tint number of 5.3.

The colorist will be the specialist who designs the ideal color for you depending on your tastes and your colorimetry, and you can achieve light golden brown either with block dye or with the help of highlights and bleaching.

9 Ways to Wear Light Golden Brown Hair Color

1. Light Golden Ash Brown Hair

This tone is perfect for those who want to lighten their hair little by little. It’s a solid shade, but it has subtle golden undertones that are perfect for dull, tanned skin. These nuances are accompanied by platinum tones to create the ash effect.

2. Light brown golden copper hair

This warm light brown shade has reddish undertones that are almost imperceptible to the naked eye, but look spectacular under the sun’s rays. One of the advantages of this dye is that it adapts to any complexion, be it lighter or darker, as long as its temperature is warm.

3. Light brown hair with golden streaks

Golden highlights on brown hair can help illuminate the face and give hair movement and versatility. It is ideal for dark skin who will receive a touch of “tan”, while if your skin is very fair, it will brighten it to remove the paleness.

4. Light golden brown with ‘ombre’

Light golden brown hair can achieve a  very natural ombré effect and reach a medium blonde or light blonde tone, adding light, movement, and versatility to the hair. If you want to show off your color a lot more, you can try a long layered cut.

5. Light cinnamon brown

The golden cinnamon shade is one of the most elegant. As you can see, the lights are in the frame of the hair, that is, in the outer areas of the layers.

6. Light chocolate brown

Light chocolate brown has almost coppery brown tones, but you can give it a more subtle touch by adding light gold highlights. To achieve this effect, your colorist can do several highlights in different shades that will give your hair a lot of movement.

7. Mahogany golden light brown hair

Light golden mahogany brown has this characteristic reddish tone like wood. Auburn hair is a combination of various colors like brown, red, violet, and more that meld together to achieve this light brown that looks great on almost all skin tones.

8. Light golden brown hair dye

Show off your new light golden brown color with a  long bob cut and soft waves at the ends. If you have some lighter streaks in the back, your hair can really show them off.

9. Golden brown

This light brown has small reflections in gold that are very flattering for brunette skin, as it complements the tan tone. This effect can be achieved with a colorist or naturally with the help of the sun, but it will require a lot of care and patience.