Black eyeshadow and smokey eyes: tips for perfect makeup

Black eyeshadow and smokey eyes: tips for perfect makeup

Smokey eyes are one of the most fashionable tricks and it is no coincidence that there are hundreds of variations: from the lightest to the most extreme to choose according to the occasions of use and based on the effect you want to achieve. Check out our beauty shops to find the best makeup for you.

Returning to our smokey eyes, if you want a day effect it will be good to opt for black eyeshadow makeup, in the softer variant, while a gold and black smokey eyes or a silver and black eyeshadow makeup will be the ideal options for a gallant evening where your eyes will be the stars.

There are some small tricks to keep in mind if you want to create a homemade smokey eye effect, especially if you have small or brown eyes. It is absolutely not true that this type of make-up is used only with light eyes. Just follow a few small tricks and the myth will be debunked once and for all. For example, smokey eyes for small eyes are made with pearlescent colors or bright shades. With this trick your gaze will be more open and magnetic, while smokey eyes for brown eyes played on shades of brown, gray, or gold, will make your gaze even more languid. Now let’s give some tips to make smokey eyes makeup step by step.

1. Illuminating

Black eyeshadow and smokey eyes: tips for perfect makeup

Do not apply the highlighter directly on the eye, but place it on the back of the hand and then brush it on the eyelid. Start at the browbone and stretch it down. This way, you will have a natural light point.

2. Black eye contour

Proceed from the lashes up to the hollow of the eyelid line. Forget the primer because it creates too much thickness and doesn’t be obsessed with precision, either with your fingertip or with a brush you will have to lighten the line by blending it. In general, it is better to avoid makeup with black eyeliner because, by its nature and as the name suggests, smokey eyes do not like graphics, on the contrary, the more shaded it is the better, so opt for the pencil.

3. Eyeshadow

Blend the color of your choice. It’s fine compact or powdered, as long as it’s pearly or shimmer. You can play with the combinations, one lighter and one darker to get a light and effective smokey eyes. If you have chosen the smokey eyes black option, remember that you can also make it with a pencil only, indeed it would be better because, even if less glamorous, smokey eyes with a pencil are more lasting.

4. Fade

To achieve the smokey eye effect, blend the colors starting from the center of the eyelid and degrade outwards. The make-up will appear much more intense at the lash line. And outwards while it will be more delicate towards the eye socket.

5. Complete the workBlack eyeshadow and smokey eyes: tips for perfect makeup