DIY face mask: We fight the impurities of the skin with clay and activated charcoal!

Today, to continue the fight against skin impurities I give you the recipe for a natural homemade purifying mask made from clay and charcoal.

First of all remember that making charcoal masks is not enough to have a beautiful skin, especially if, like me, you are prone to having pimples and blackheads

I leave the link to the article where I talk about the routine that I follow for my skin to fight blackheads.

But let’s go back to the mask I want to talk to you about today

I read about this mask and I immediately fell in love because the ingredients used are ideal for our goals!

Activated Charcoal: It’s very popular lately, do you know what its properties are? This ingredient is often used in skin care products because it has the ability to “attract” impurities so it helps to keep your skin even cleaner!

Clay: It is well known that it does the skin very well and purifies it. Do you know that there are different types depending on the problem you want to treat? Each type of clay has slightly different properties …


  • Reduce two tablets of vegetable charcoal powder (you can find it easily in supermarkets).
  • Add your favorite clay. For the quantities I usually use the same amount of coal and clay but there is no precise rule!
  • Add very little water at a time and mix the mixture until it has the typical consistency of a face mask, be careful and do not make it too liquid otherwise you will not be able to apply it well! In case you have added too much water, just put more clay to rebalance the consistency!


  • Leave the mask to work for about 15 minutes and then rinse.
  • This mask is indicated for oily or combination skin and if you are inclined to have pimples and blackheads. Do not recommend if you have excessively dry skin because it will dry out even more.
  • In any case, even if you have oily skin remember to put a moisturizer after removing the mask.
  • If you have mixed skin like me, the best thing to do would be to apply a moisturizing mask in areas where you tend to have drier skin and then, if necessary, use a light moisturizer if you feel the skin pulling.

Try and tell me how you are! I find it fantastic!

I hope this quick recipe has been useful to you, we will soon be adding more

What masks do you use? Do you prefer those made at home or do you have a favorite brand that you rely on?