Goya Awards 2019: Beauty mistakes

Goya Awards

We continue with the hangover of the Goya Awards 2019, one of the most important events of the year (if not the most) for Spanish cinema. Last night for its red carpet hundreds of familiar faces paraded, and although most shined with their own light, there were some looks that did not attract much attention. A bad day has anyone and these celebrities last night did not know how to defend their style where beauty errors were present.

Penelope CruzGoya Awards

Last night Penelope Cruz did not finish conquering her fans with her silver dress signed by Chanel. And taken from the Spring-Summer 2017 collection Haute Couture. Too serious, too sober or maybe we expected something more. Whatever the reasons may be, the winner of an Oscar dressed the styling with a high bun that did not bring out all the potential with which we are accustomed. Even so, her Lancôme makeup was the best part of the final look.

Nora NavasGoya Awards

To be able to wear a mane thrown back you need determination (and lots of hair gel or fixative gel). Last night Nora Navas forgot about this last step and her mane was not fixed to create the expected effect of this type of hairstyle. It is one the beauty mistakes in Goya Awards 2019.

Paz VegaGoya Awards

Paz Vega’s cut is wonderful: fresh, funny, spontaneous, but yesterday he sinned in volume. With a very striking dress, her hairstyle made the final look too much. With a very simple makeup – great success – her mistake was to combine her dress with that type of hairstyle since both recharged the final styling.

Leticia DoleraGoya Awards

We are very fond of Anna Wintour style hair, but last night Leticia Dolera did not shine as she has done in other past editions. Her makeup -too simple- next to her white dress made her go unnoticed on a red carpet where the ribbon is getting higher and higher.

Azucena de la FuenteGoya Awards

We still do not understand the reasons that led Azucena de la Fuente to wear that headdress with two large peach and pink roses. Along with her dress full of transparencies and sequins, the final look was too overloaded.  It is one the beauty mistakes in Goya Awards 2019.