2019 summer make-up: the unmissable summer make-up trends

2019 summer make-up: the unmissable summer make-up trends

For summer 2019, make-up trends speak for themselves: tricks that enhance vitality and spirit, from eyeshadow to lipstick. Let’s see together all the news that awaits us!

The makeup of summer 2019 amazes us: it manages to combine vintage trends with touches of cheeky glamor, the 90s to large modern catwalks, the glitter on the mat. In short, a veritable explosion of colors and brightness. Perfect for a night at the disco as well as for a romantic dinner on the beach.

Two main focuses: the eyes and the mouth. The eyes amaze us and take us back to the first moments of makeup with friends. Where eye shadows (possibly blue) made her awkwardly mistress on our face: they were the dawn of the 90s, and we all loved the eye shadow. Because it made us feel great, women, emancipated. Summer make-up re-elaborates this trend with a touch of modern. And a fascinating style that will make you all crazy.

The same goes for lip makeup, sensual but creative, ready to kiss all the summer loves that will come. If you love makeup, however, never forget the importance of removing it properly and cleansing your face, just like this:


Summer 2019 make-up: on eyeshadows and bright eyes2019 summer make-up: the unmissable summer make-up trends

Color, color, and more color! The eyes of summer 2019 will shine with their own light thanks to this season ‘s eye shadow, eyeliner and mascara proposals. The two fundamental trends in eyeshadow are glitter. And monochrome, just like in the 80s and 90s. A return to the past that is tinged with novelty and charisma. Blocks of color from blue to aqua green, passing through fuchsia and yellow, will light up the eyes of the most daring.

We speak of a single color without gradients or shades, or of combinations of complementary colors. But always very decisive and particular. A return to the blue eyeshadow that accompanied all the girls who were in the midst of the teenage revolution in the 1990s.

Alongside the monochrome trend, we have that glitter: sparkle everywhere,  metallic, both in eyeshadows and eyeliner that turn into eye shadows. The palettes light up with bright colors but also with colors that recall the summer warmth. So warm and welcoming. And the mascara? I’m no less! We have it for all tastes: from aqua green to lilac, but also orange and yellow, only for the most casual. Ready to smash everything? Get inspired by the summer make-up of the stars:

Natural eyebrows for make-up summer 20192019 summer make-up: the unmissable summer make-up trends

For the 2019 summer make-up for eyebrows, the watchword is naturalness. This is because, as we have seen, the protagonist of our summer make-up will be the eye shadow or eyeliner, which is why the eyebrows will not have to capture attention, but rather represent the perfect frame of our work of art.

It will, therefore, be sufficient to obtain a pencil of the same color as our eyebrows, with which we will fill in any holes or define the perfect shape according to our needs, without exaggerating. To fix everything, just a little mascara of eyebrow gel, possibly transparent. Here is a video tutorial to understand how to make the perfect eyebrows for summer 2019!

Don’t forget the 2019 summer make-up illuminant2019 summer make-up: the unmissable summer make-up trends

As we all know, in summer the foundation can be a difficult choice. This is because we are hot, we hope for a skin-saving tan (for which it is essential to use the right sun protection, always!) And because sweat can compromise the final result. To our aid, at least for the months when we are not yet tanned, we have the light foundation specifically designed for this season, both liquid and in powder, for a less “mask” effect. But the only indispensable thing for the 2019 summer is the illuminant, in flesh-colored shades, or Essential make-up for summer 2019: a lipstick that leaves its mark!

We are not just talking about the marks left on the glass of our spritz or on the cheek (or lips) of those we love, but precisely in the mind of those we meet! Such as? Through the choice of the right lipstick. There are two main trends in summer makeup for the lips: matte lipstick on shades of red. But also sparkling lipstick or glitter on shades of pink or purple. Mat red lipstick overwhelms us because we usually associate it with colder periods. But this summer will also be the protagonist of the more floral or colored looks, both in its colder tones and intones with a warm background, such as fiery red or orange-red.

On the opposite side, however, we have more futuristic lipstick with metallic. Or glittery tones, possibly with a rather glossy gloss finish. Preferred colors: bright pink lipstick, light pink, but also fuchsia or silvery! Long life to the gloss with dark colors even in summer! Your choice depends so much on your pe Nail summer 2019: pastel color come to me!

The 2019 summer nail trends speak for themselves:2019 summer make-up: the unmissable summer make-up trends

pastel colors will be the protagonists of our manicure. Whether you want to choose one in particular or want to combine straw yellow, powder pink, lilac and pea green on the same hand, no problem. This summer, everything is allowed! Don’t forget the nail art dedicated to the marine world. And above all one of the main colors that will never go out of fashion! Here is our proposal: personality, as shown by these stars from which you can take inspiration: with pearly shades