How to plan a country wedding

New ideas and places to get married emerge every day. It seems that the traditional party is being lost giving way to outdoor weddings, in a garden, on the beach, in the water or in the countryside. There are many ways to organize a wedding, but it must always be based on the place and the type of celebration. We give you the best ideas to organize and decorate a country wedding.

Steps to follow:

Step: 1

To begin with, you should choose a picturesque place, with trees, and flowers and that is flat so that it is more comfortable and facilitates all the decoration of your country wedding.

Step: 2

For the ceremony, you can leave a central aisle and place straw alpacas covered with a cloth on both sides, so that the guests can sit. To choose which fabric or what color, it is best to keep it uniform, so we recommend that you choose all the decorations of the same color, the tablecloths, the bridal bouquet, etc. For the altar, choose a simple wooden table.

Step: 3

For the cocktail, it is best for nature to be the main setting, giving it all the prominence, and only place some high round tables for support.

Step: 4

To choose the tables for lunch or dinner at your country wedding, it is best that they be round with tablecloths in the same color that you have chosen for the rest of the decoration, and with wooden and wicker chairs. In addition, in the center of the tables, it would be very good to place some dried flowers or some bamboo bouquets. You can get ideas in this article on how to make a centerpiece for a civil wedding.

Step: 5

The decoration must be very simple. Trees and plants will be the main thing. In addition, you can put wicker baskets with flowers, wooden benches, etc., and at night, light everything with bulbs from tree to tree. It incorporates some torches and solar light lamps stuck into the ground, like those that are put in the gardens. In addition, for the location of the guests at the tables, it would be very good to do it on blackboards.

Step: 6

Finally, the groom’s wardrobe should be simple and comfortable, without sacrificing elegance. For him, a black or navy blue suit, with a basic white shirt and a black or ocher-bronze tie may look good. Wear black shoes, above all, comfortable, and nothing to wear with gelled hair. A disheveled look with wax will give a more country look. Check out our article on how a man should dress for a beach wedding.

For her, the best thing is a flowing dress, without many ornaments. For her hair, a braid to the side or a thin crown made of wildflowers. To go consistent and comfortable, white esparto wedges are feminine, stylish, and very appropriate for a country wedding.