Tips for caring for velvet chairs and sofas

velvet chair

It is the fashionable fabric to upholster sofas, armchairs, and chairs. Yet cleaning it does not seem like an easy task. Or if? We give you some tips to get it.

“But what have you done, Ivan! Now how do I clean it? ”My friend yelled the other day when I was talking quietly with her on the phone. “What’s wrong, Maria? I asked her.” “The boy, who has thrown the glass of water on the new velvet sofa that we have bought. I leave you. I’ll call you another time ”.

Yes, the truth is that it was better if she left me to take care of the small domestic accident that her new sofa had suffered. Because one of the precautions that must be taken when having sofas, chairs. Or armchairs upholstered with velvet are not to let the stain. In this case, the liquid, go too deep into them. You have to act fast!

But what happened to Maria is nothing strange and can happen to anyone. Much more now that velvet is fashionable in interior decoration and furniture. As you may have seen on our website, social networks, in our physical store. Or through any of those that you pass this season.

Well, not just anyone, only in front of those who take into account trends. And display them in their stores, betting on them, as is our case. And, yes, velvet has come to stay this and the coming seasons.

For this reason and because we have children or are not at home, a velvet sofa, chair or armchair may or may not stain. But it must be cleaned from time to time. Today we offer you some tips so that you know how to do it when it touches you.

Tips for cleaning velvet furniture

To begin with, I will tell you that the simplest thing always is to take your sofa, chair or armchair to the dry cleaner. Because they have the products, machinery and enough experience to do it 10. However, not everyone can afford to take the sofa to clean every 6 months, which is the recommended time to do it, and if the dry cleaner itself does not have a collection service for this type of furniture. It may not be so profitable to take the sofa there or. At least, it will not be as comfortable as you expected.

For this reason, we give you some tips so that you can do it at home yourself if you wish:

  • For general cleaning: that is, those that I just told you that it is recommended to do every six months, there are several formulas. The ones that work best are those that are done dry. Because wet cleaning at home if we do not control the amount of steam we use, can have the opposite effect. Therefore:
  • Use the small nozzle of the vacuum cleaner and vacuum in the same direction as the hair on the furniture you are cleaning. Previously, it is always advisable to do a small review with a brush to clean the clothes, which we will cover with a clean white cloth.
  • To remove stains: although it may seem otherwise, velvet upholstery is much more resistant than it seems. For this reason, if your sofa is stained with food. It is best to clean it with a specific stain repellent for this type of upholstery. But taking into account that we cannot throw it out and forget it. Therefore, it is recommended to see a little repellent, rub gently with a washcloth. And then put absorbent kitchen paper over the stain and squeeze hard. So that it absorbs the liquid as much as possible. We will let it dry. In this sense, it is important not to let a long time pass from when the sofa is stained until we clean it. Since dry stains on this type of material do not come out so easy.
  • To dry up spilled water: if the same thing happens to you as my friend Maria, just spill the water, take kitchen paper and repeat the same thing I just told you. Depending on the amount of water, I also recommend you take the dryer. And from a fairly prudent distance, point towards the area where the water has spilled; we must avoid, as far as possible, that it leaks out.

In addition to knowing how to act before the 3 situations mentioned above. If you have velvet sofas, chairs or armchairs, keep the following recommendations in mind:velvet chair

  • Avoid being exposed to the sun directly: because this will prevent them from losing the shine that characterizes the fabric with which they have been upholstered.
  • Whenever you can, place them in places where stains can be avoided as much as possible (although I know that it is not easy considering the type of furniture we are talking about)
  • Check with the manufacturer: normally, you always have instructions on how to wash this type of furniture in the guarantee that is given to you when you buy it (at least, we do it in our stores). But if you cannot find it or have lost it, check with the person who sold it to you; he will know how to give you the best answer.