Dark blonde hair the new blonde for brunette skin

Dark blonde hair

Normally when talking about hair coloring in blonde tones, special reference is made for light skin, however in recent days a new trend that favors brown skin has been released and it is Dark Blonde Hair, a perfect shade that defines the features being very natural, but that does not allow on the one hand to be successful also for light skin, providing light and without enslaving a classic blonde tone.

Below you will know all the details of the new trend in hair coloring called Dark Blonde hair. You will surely love:

If what you want is a change of look where your hair looks lighter, but you do not dare to dye it blonde for fear that it will not favor your skin tone, the alternative may be the new Dark Blonde trend. This tonality does not become so drastic which greatly favors women with brown skin but it also does it with women with light skin, since it avoids making them look paler.

What does it consist of?Dark blonde hair

Basically it consists of degrading the hair two or three shades below the natural color. The good news is that you can keep your natural color in the lower part of the hair, that is to say in the first layer, and hence lighten it more and more, as you get closer to the superficial part of the hair, that is, the first layer. If what you want is to obtain a natural effect, the rinse should not be applied to the root but should be concentrated on the contours. Keep reading- The 10 most beautiful blonde actresses in Hollywood

How to apply the dye?Dark blonde hair

This shade does not become like any other blonde, therefore it is not necessary to apply it to all hair. What is tried at the time of applying it, is a clarification in the means, tips, and contours, therefore you should ask your stylist for a balayage, which is a technique that sweeps color in a non-aggressive way. On the other hand, you can alternate with the baby light technique, which consists of choosing small strands of hair and bleaching them from root to tip.

How often should you touch up the tint?Dark blonde hair

Once the Dark Blonde tone is applied, the result is more noticeable, but as time goes by the effect is lost. To avoid constant retouching, it is necessary to properly apply the technique. For this, the root should not be clarified too much, but if the highlights are to be blurred in the best way, this will prevent you from constantly going to the salon, therefore the idea is to do it every 3 months. But in case you can not go to touch up the hair color, it does not cause a negative effect since it is a shade that looks very natural.

In summary, we can say that this color is not applied in a homogeneous way, your stylist can play with color contrasts. In this way, the interleaving of shadows and lights will help define your features, giving more life to your face, being very natural, and without enslaving the classic blonde.